Maintain a Healthy Metabolism: Achieve your Weight Loss Goal through Ayurveda

For many, weight loss is a knocking necessity that demands immediate attention. Being overweight not only makes one unfit but also invites several diseases. Ayurveda can help achieve the desired weight loss goals by speeding up the metabolism, detoxifying the body and burning fat naturally. Healthily losing weight is hard to achieve for many. Exercising and eating right are considered to be the two main methods of keeping weight at bay. Following crash diets and eating irregularly are not the right ways to achieve the desired weight loss goals. According to Ayurveda, weight loss must happen in a gradual, consistent and healthy way. When aiming for weight loss, restricting calories may not be the only way to reduce weight. According to Ayurveda experts, a balanced lifestyle, managing stress and eating mindfully are a few ways to enhance weight loss efforts. An Ayurvedic diet is essential to achieving the desired results. Ayurvedic remedies can help cure numerous health conditions and aid in balanced weight loss.

How Does Ayurveda Help In Weight Loss?

According to Ayurveda, it is best to consume a pure and wholesome diet that is rich in nutrients but low in fats. Ayurvedic medicines can help to detoxify the body, increase the pace of metabolism and burn fats quicker. An ideal Ayurvedic weight loss treatment involves the following methods.

Consume a Heavy Lunch

According to Ayurveda, the most sustainable way to manage weight is by consuming a healthy meal for lunch rather than dinner. Taking a hefty lunch ensures that the body can absorb and digest most of the nutrients in the food if the major caloric intake is during the noon. By consuming the least amount of calories at night, the risk of bloating and indigestion can be reduced significantly. Ideally, the lunch must consist of all essential nutrients including proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So, items like ghee and curd must be included in lunch while dinner is the best time to consume salads, dal, rice and curry.

Try Consuming Home-Cooked Meals

For those trying to shed some weight, consuming home-cooked meals will always yield better results. According to Ayurveda, freshly prepared food at home is always low in fat and ranks high in healthy terms as compared to food sourced from restaurants. It is always better to consume more vegetables, whole grains and lentils for greater benefits in the weight loss journey. Since non-vegetarian foods are considered to be bad for heart health, they are typically considered to be off-limits.

Practice Walking After Taking Meals Or Yoga

Staying physically active can help lose and maintain weight. Singularly restricting calories might not yield the desired results in terms of weight loss. The most sustainable way to lose weight is by eating well along with engaging in regular exercises. Take out at least 30 minutes of your day to practice either yoga or walking.

Consume Warm Water

According to Ayurveda, consuming at least 2 to 3 litres of warm water during a day can help convert fat into molecules that are easier for the digestive system to burn. Lukewarm water certainly helps in breaking down fat readily in the body. When compared to a glass of ice water, warm water helps to increase metabolism and provides more hydration to the body. Also, it is a good idea to consume some water at least 30 minutes before a meal since it helps to control the appetite and reduce the consumption of calories.

Consumer A Herbal Concoction

Consuming a herbal concoction is an excellent way to increase the intake of fluids and also enhances the fat-burning process in the body. For example, consuming a drink made with fenugreek seeds can help boost the digestive power of the body and also reduce the incidence of constipation. Another wonderful drink to consume for weight reduction is Triphala. Various Ayurveda herbs can help in improving the metabolism of the body and ridding the body of impurities.

The Ayurveda Perspective On Weight

Being overweight directly points to an excess of Kaphadosha as per Ayurveda. However, it may not be the only responsible factor. Kapha and excess weight are believed to share similar qualities like heaviness, slowness, oiliness, dense, soft, stable and coolness. Being overweight can spark Kapha in the body, and due to this, one can become more overweight. To be able to return to balance, there needs to be an increase in the opposing balances such as light, rough, liquid, hot, dry, mobile and subtle.

The wisdom of Ayurveda can be used to manage weight such that one can reap not only short-term gains. There is no need to limit the quantity or type of foods that one consumes as per Ayurveda to achieve holistic weight loss targets. Fad diets and excessive dieting can result in a sharp drop in weight but it is not a sustainable way to lose or keep it off for a long time.

By following the Ayurveda approach, one may need to observe intense discipline at first. However, with time, the body’s intelligence will begin to surface once again. This will help in replacing any unhealthy cravings that have been putting you off from following an ideal weight loss plan.


Consider supplementing your diet with certain Ayurvedic herbs which can help in managing your weight. Among other herbs, Triphala is considered to be one of the most well-balancing supplements for managing Vata, Pita and Kapha. You can reach out to an expert to understand Ayurveda treatment in Kerala for effective weight loss, which can bring you closer to realizing the weight loss goals that you have manifested for yourself. At Ishani Ayurveda, you can meet a host of such experts, who are qualified to guide you and help you attain your weight loss objectives without any trouble. So if you are looking for effective Ayurveda experts in Kerala, do reach out to us at Ishani Ayurveda.

Dr. Sinu K John

Dr. Sinu K John graduated Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She holds a Master’s degree in Ayurveda Panchakarma. She is a qualified Yoga Instructor and has been teaching Ayurveda and Yoga for more than 10 years. She is specialized in women and infant health, infertility, skin care and natural beauty treatments. She is a Health Educator, passionate about health and fitness. Vast experience in handling clients of all age groups both national and international. She is specialized in Lifestyle Medicine, providing a holistic approach to medicine. Her philosophy of healing revolves around Diet, Yoga, Meditation, Detoxification, Nutrition & Effective Stress Management & Obesity.

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