Swarna Prashana

Swarna Prashana and Its Benefits

Swarna Prashana also called Swarna Bindu Prashana or Suvarnaprashan is an innovation by Maharshi Kashyap and is a unique ayurvedic formulation followed in Kerala comprising ash of Gold, Honey and chosen herbs to further enhance immunity and develop intelligence, memory, analysing power as well as the sharpness of mind of children. It is coined with the terms Swarna meaning Gold and Prashana which means consuming and is held as one among the 16 fundamental regimens or sanskaras that are known to enhance overall well-being in children through internal herbal medications and external therapies.

It can be regarded as a health tonic that has been in use since time immemorial. Swarna Prashana benefits account for its direct influence on the nervous system, immune system, brain, mind and skin in children. A controlled dosage of the medicine helps promote the growth and development of the child, developing immunity helps strengthen the body’s resistance to infections, maintain health, improve memory and enhance skin health as well.


● Gold ash extract
● Honey
● Ghrita / Ghee
● Herbal extracts of various medicinal plants like
     ○ Shankhapushpi
     ○ Yashtimadhu
     ○ Brahmi
     ○ Pippali
     ○ Haritaki
     ○ Shunthi
     ○ Maricha
     ○ Ashwagandha
     ○ Giloy / Guduchi Satva
     ○ Sweet flag sway / Vacha


Suvarnaprashan drops can be considered an immunity-boosting vaccination that assists the body in mounting resistance against various viruses and bacteria and preventing them from diseases. It is helpful in preventing but not limited to common cold, flu and upper respiratory tract infections. It is helpful in assisting the body form a defence against various types of allergies. It also ignites the Agni and improves digestive power.

Swarna prashana benefits the child with proper brain development. It helps improve brain functions related to verbal and cognitive abilities as well as memory enhancement. Swarna prashana is the most advised means of addressing and reducing the difficulty concerning cough, Vata and pitta. It also assists in enhancing the immunity system.


How and when?

Suvarnaprashan drops benefits is best enjoyed while administered as follows:

● Monthly once, specifically on the day of Pushya Nakshatra for 30 months.
● Once-daily for one to three months.

It needs to be given on an empty stomach in the morning and solid food should be given only after half an hour. Before giving the medicine, it needs to be ensured that the child does not have a running fever.

Who can be given?

Suvarnaprashan age ranges are as wide as from birth till 16 years old. With no specific age described in the Ayurvedic scripts, it is considered ideal to administer it early on to enhance immunity and brainpower.


Auspicious dates of 2021

Listed below are suvarnaprashan dates 2021.

01 January 2021 – Friday
28 January 2021 – Thursday

24 February 2021 – Wednesday 01:17 PM till
25 February 2021 – Thursday 01:17 PM

24 March 2021 – Wednesday

20 April 2021 – Tuesday
20 April 2021 – Tuesday 06:52 AM till
21 April 2021 – Wednesday 07:59 AM

17 May 2021 – Monday 01:22 PM till
18 May 2021 – Tuesday 02:55 PM

14 June 2021 – Monday

11 July 2021 – Sunday

07 August 2021 – Saturday 08:15 AM till
08 August 2021 – Sunday 09:19 AM

03 September 2021 – Friday 04:42 PM till
04 September 2021 – Saturday 05:45 PM

01 October 2021 – Friday
28 October 2021 – Thursday 09:41 AM till
29 October 2021 – Friday 11:38 AM

24 November 2021 – Wednesday 04:29 PM till
25 November 2021 – Thursday 06:49 PM

22 December 2021 – Wednesday

Swarna Prashan as described in Kashyapa Samhita:

In the Vedic era, pure gold was used which is now replaced with gold ash to keep which is safer in comparison with unprocessed Gold for the baby. The Gold needs to be ground into a fine powder on a clean grinding stone before being made into a semi-solid form by mixing it with a small amount of pure water, cow’s ghee and honey in equal amounts. It needs to be given to the child while facing the eastern direction.

As with any modern-day immunisation that acts as a prevention against a specific disease, Swarna prashana is a non-specific immunomodulator that also has added benefits.

After administering it with the suggested dosage regularly for a stipulated time, parents have provided good suvarnaprashan drops reviews as to how the ancient knowledge in immunisation is shaping up a child’s health and wellness effectively.

How to use it for a long duration?

Generally, long term usage is advised for children with compromised immunity. It is advised to take the drops regularly for 6 months, take a break of one month before restarting for anothe6 months of regular usage.

For children with good immunity and health, once the initial 6-month course is finished, it is recommended to continue giving them 1 drop per month to maintain the acquired non-specific immunity against various ailments.

Children can have delayed growth as per their age due to many reasons which needs proper attention and care at the appropriate time where the underlying cause of growth delay need to be addressed. Along with the treatments, Swarna Prashana is also recommended to promote growth. Eventhough, the way it benefits the body and boosts growth is subject to further research, it is found from observation and studies that combining swarna prashana along with Ashwagandha provides maximum benefit as Ashwagandha is known for treatments related to growth hormones.

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