Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic

Ayurveda Treatment for vitiligo (Kerala, India)

Vitiligo, also known as Leucoderma, is a skin disorder that causes widespread discolouration or pigmentation. Melanin, a skin pigment generated by melanocytes, is responsible for the colour of the skin. The disorderoccurs when the cells, aka melanocytes, are destroyed. Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic medicineis not just about treating the patches, but also the disease’s causative factors to ensure that it would not relapse.

Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic

How & why does it occur?

Even though the ailment is non-contagious and non-life-threatening, a person suffering from it has a difficult time since it impairs their appearance. It’s an autoimmune condition in which the body’s defences attack melanocytes. One of the factors that might cause the condition to develop is heredity. Any external trigger, such as sunburn, a considerable amount of exposure to toxic chemicals, or even stress, can end up causing vitiligo. Vitiligo treatment in ayurvedic institutions is found to be effective as it aims at the root cause rather than the visible elements.

The form, placement, and size of the discoloured patches are unpredictable and might appear anywhere on the body. Nonetheless, the most usually afflicted body areas are the hands, feet, limbs, face, groin area, and torso. Often the body parts that have experienced trauma or abrasion are the most commonly affected. These sores are not painful and still sensitive. The sole disadvantage of this condition is its visual flaws.Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic medicine cites improper hygiene as one of the most prevalent causes of contracting the condition.

Vitiligo is more prevalent in people with autoimmune disorders (for example, hyperthyroidism) than in those without autoimmune conditions. Even when experts are unsure why vitiligo is associated with these illnesses, most persons with vitiligo, on the other hand, do not have any other autoimmune condition.

What are the chances of the white patches spreading?

It is difficult to predict whether Vitiligo will progress or not. The white spots don’t always spread in some persons. However, the chances of it frequently spreading to other parts of the body is not meagre that can be neglected. Vitiligo can spread slowly over several years in certain people, while it occurs swiftly for others. The patches appear to spread faster with severe stress.


Skin disorders and diseases are classified as “Kusth” in Ayurveda. Leucoderma is translated as ’shwetakushtha’ or “white leprosy’ in the Charaka Samhita. It’s also known as Shvitra or Kilasa in Ayurvedic literature. Many of the herbs used as a part of vitiligo treatment in Ayurvedic institutions in India possess blood cleansing or photosensitization properties, which might trigger dormant melanocytes.

A vitiligo diet that reduces toxins intake and organically cleanses blood is entirely realistically achievable in treatment for vitiligo in Ayurveda.Vitiligo is described as a Tridosha in Ayurveda, meaning it is formed by the progressive degeneration of all three doshas simultaneously. Pitta is the dosha with the most imbalance. Pitta is classified into five categories, with Bhrajak Pitta being the most important for skin colouration.

While modern treatment has not been able to completely alleviate the issue, Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic medicine has assisted many patients in achieving remarkable re-pigmentation. It comprises dietary limitations, the prescription of suitable therapeutic diet plans, and an evaluation of the condition’s contributory factors, such as fitting slippers, undergarments, or other garments that cause pressure or harm to the skin.

Is Vitiligo curable in Ayurveda?

The ayurvedic treatment for vitligo works by narrowing white patches, repairing cells, and increasing the development of melanoblasts, which eventually conceal the white regions over time.Ayurveda also recommends a well-planned diet plan and lifestyle adjustments to aid the body’s healing process. Its purpose is to ensure that the body receives all the nutrients it requires to recover.’ Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic principle includes different aspects that impact a person’s life in order to manage the ailment.

Vitiligo treatment in Ayurvedic lifestyle includes a healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle, stress management, Panchakarma Therapy, herbal medicines, yoga, and meditation. A patient can get healthy by following these methods. Meanwhile, the patient must follow the food, lifestyle, and stress management recommendations for the rest of his or her life.

We specialise in treating white patches with our unique herbal formulations at Ishani Ayurveda. To help with Vitiligo control, white spot concealment, and patch spreading, the treatment plan is based on traditional Ayurveda blended with modern scientific understanding. Because vitiligo is an immunological disease, appropriate treatment is required to restore a person’s reduced immunity. Vitiligo patients are advised to follow particular dietary and lifestyle suggestions in order to obtain a better and more effective response to vitiligo treatment in ayurvedic institutions in India.

Vitiligo is treated with a cocktail of herbal and mineral-based medicines in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Where the drugs try to cleanse and detoxify the blood, while also dampening the immune response system to prevent subsequent autoimmune illnesses. Ayurvedic therapy for vitiligo is a long-term treatment that requires medications and lifestyle changes to be maintained for a long time before showing benefits. The body gradually re-pigments as a result of the procedure. Treatment should not be stopped until all or most of the damaged regions have been re-pigmented.

Internal cleaning using Panchakarma therapies like Virechana, Raktamokshana, Shirodhara for Stress Relief, Abhyanga for moisturizing the skin, along with others. “PunahPunahShodhan,” as Acharya Charaka phrased it, means “frequently and repeatedly.” This demonstrates that cleaning is essential for living a disease-free life and is the greatest treatment option for vitiligo.

Our Promise

We have a specific herbal in-house formulated medication for VITILIGO therapy at Ishani Ayurveda. Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurvedic medicine, this herbal remedy should be administered to the afflicted areas of the skin (external usage). Pure forest honey and pure cow ghee are being used in preparing the medication. Internal consumption of the medicine is recommended for a period of three months for best results.At Ishani Ayurveda, we focus on assisting the body in healing itself by boosting the immune system via a healthy lifestyle incorporating vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda Kerala.

Note:Detoxification is required before commencing this therapy, which yielded a 100 per cent success rate

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