Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Motor Neuron DiseaseMotor Neuron Disease is the problem of weakness in the neural cells in the important areas of the body. The main affected sections include the spinal cord, brain and nerves. Motor Neurons act as chemical messengers in the body to enable any action. When these neurons are damaged, the body functions deteriorate and eventually, the body movements are out of the patient’s control. This weakness of cells gets worse with time if not treated. Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment Kerala helps target the symptoms of the disease and halts the progressiveness of the condition.

Early Symptoms to detect Motor Neuron Problem

If an individual is well aware of themselves and their body functions, then it is easier to spot the coming of Motor Neuron disease. The earlier, it is treated with Motor Neuron Disease Ayurveda treatment in Kerala. The early symptoms of Motor Neuron disease are:
Legs and Arms weakness
With the worsening effect on the spinal cord, the main actions of the arms and legs lose strength.
Speech Defect
You might experience slurring of speech over time even when you have never been less clear in a speech before.
Grip weakening
The more your nerves lose strength the more energy you lack to do basic actions. Your arms and hands would find it easy to lose grip on small objects as well such as a glass of water.
Muscle cramping and twitching
Muscles of hands and legs might cramp up or twitch uncontrollably at times.
Weight loss
Sudden weight loss can be misleading but this is an important symptom to care about.
Uncontrolled laughter or crying
When neurons are affected, you lose control over small and big functions. Laughing is easy but we can control our laughter and even stop it. But in the MND, it is difficult to stop laughing. The same goes for crying as well.
Excessive emotions
Sometimes emotions are heightened and you might feel a sudden shift in your moods. This is because of the effect on the brain cells that can be tackled well with the Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment Kerala.
Extra fatigue
While fatigue is common, it is not common to feel extra fatigue every day.
Many more symptoms might look regular but are not so simple. The right step in the right direction can help stop the progress of the disease. This is possible with the Motor Neuron Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. MND is a great way to halt the unfaltering progress of the disease and work on reducing the effect of the symptoms.

What are the major causes of MND?

Since the coming of the motor neuron disease terminology, diagnosis of this problem has been possible. But no proper and concrete treatment and medicine can cure this. Once a person encounters the situation, it only worsens and shortens the life span of any individual. To ensure that the level of extreme situation is not reached, Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala ensures that symptoms are treated well.
The one thing that decides the success of the ayurvedic treatment of MND in Kerala, India, is to find the root cause. Ayurveda studies the root cause and deciphers a set of treatment plans and herbs that work best. Some of the possible reasons include:
Physical and mental stress: Stress excessiveness is dangerous that can harm the mind and heart.
Toxin accumulation and deep tissue impurity: Problems in lifestyle can increase the generation of toxins in the body.
Imbalance in diet: Eating unhealthy food items causes an increase in toxins.
No physical activity: All food and no exercise can be harmful to the body.
Genetics: This problem can be genetic and passed on through the generation.
Infections and allergies: Any kind of viral attack can affect the neurons in the body.
To ensure the right Ayurvedic treatment for nervous disorders, finding the most affected dosha in the body is vital. Looking at and studying the root cause can lead in the right direction.

Ayurvedic Treatment of MND in Kerala

To work with the Ayurvedic treatment of neurological problems in Kerala, it is essential to target the symptoms. The root cause affecting the health of the nerves needs the right dosage of ayurvedic therapy. The nerve cell deterioration must reduce and the remaining healthy and non-toxic cells are nourished well to add strength to the weakening section.

many problems start with toxin generation. The first step for ayurvedic treatment for nervous disorders is to detoxify the body cells. Hitting on the source of toxins is a must. It may occur as part of genetic makeup or be caused by environmental and lifestyle methods.

Panchakarma Therapy as part of Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala, India plays a vital role here. While too much of this therapy is harmful to MND patients due to many body function failures, a subtle process in combination with the herbal medication works best. It is all about giving energy to the last remaining soldiers so they fight to stay alive.

The herbal and nourishing medication can help the recovery of the body functions substantially and steadily. Some basic ones include mulethi, ashwagandha, Amla, chyawanprasha, and more. One or more combinations are often devised depending on the severity of the condition.
Specific medication and panchakarma together can provide the best Motor Neuron Disease Ayurvedic Treatment Kerala to achieve muscle nourishment and growth. At Ishani Ayurveda, you can avail of holistic treatment for with effective results. Reach out for treatment today.

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