Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda Kerala

Habitual Abortion Treatment

What is Habitual Abortion?

When there is a spontaneous loss of a fetus three or more times within 20 weeks during pregnancy, this situation is termed Habitual Abortion or Recurrent Abortion. While this situation may not be common, it is still frequently discovered in many cases. Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda can help lose the long-term possibilities of side effects and strengthen the uterus to hold the fetus.

This is a serious problem that can be found in women while they are within their correct reproductive age. While the percentage of encountering this scenario is quite less, it increases with the age of the women at the time of conceiving. Additionally, with every single abortion or miscarriage, the chances of being able to conceive reduces. HABITUALAbortion Treatment in Ayurveda has been discovered to have miracle properties to ensure the strength of the uterus and improve the chances of fertility.

What are the causes of Habitual Abortion?

As per the study, the most common period to experience Habitual Abortion is the First Trimester of Pregnancy. Many possible causes lead to recurrent abortions.
1. High amount of infection
2. Exposure to dangers such as radiation and other environmental hazards
3. Hormonal Issues
4. Problems in uterine and abnormalities
5. Immune System Deficiency
6. Exposure to smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other factors in an unhealthy lifestyle
7. Disorders in the clotting of blood
8. Cervical failure and imperfection
9. Kidney disease
10.Hereditary heart disease
11.Erratic diabetes and blood pressure
12.High level of thyroid
13.Chromosomes disability in the fetus (not linked to the mother’s or father’s health)

While these causes can be diagnosed, there are at times unknown causes that can contribute to such a situation. For the same, it is necessary to opt for Habitual Abortion treatment in Ayurveda for a safe and smooth journey of getting back on track.

Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda

Pregnancy is a journey that brings hope for new life and the future of a couple. The unfortunate event of a miscarriage or necessary abortion is not only physically but also mentally challenging for the couple. Therefore, a certain treatment plan is required to bring about 3 positive changes:
1. Strengthen the mind of the couple or specifically females to overcome the grief and look towards a positive future.
2. Provide strength and health to the female’s uterus so that it can hold the fetus in the future.
3. Inculcate a positive healthy lifestyle in the couple’s lives to promote a harmonious future towards growth.
A regular doctor’s treatment is not something that can achieve this level of improvement in a patient. This is only possible when you go for an Ayurveda Treatment in Kerela, India.

The Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda provides remedies in the form of yoga asanas and herbal drugs. In the case of the asanas, you can count on yoga to bring you peace of mind and add strength to your thoughts. The herbal drugs are specific to the causes of habitual abortions. For example, a person suffering from erratic diabetes can be treated with Ayurveda.

Remedial Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala, India with Ishani Ayurveda

Ishani Ayurveda is a place where all your problems are solved safely and thoroughly. The Ayurveda gurus are well-practiced in solving all cases and improving the physical and mental health of anyone. A similar has been true for Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda.

There are steps followed in the remedial process for Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda.
1. The patient is checked and the history of health in the family is studied.
2. All the focal points of Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha are checked. Each of these includes some or the other body function. If there is any abnormality in the working of Vatta and Kapha together, then there will be a severe imbalance in Pitta. Since Pitta focuses on hormonal and uterine systems, this is where most of the remedial systems should focus.
3. The problems of health in the patient that can affect the pregnancy are studied.
4. Once a decisive list of problem areas is formed, the treatment plan is set. For every area, there are remedial herbs and medicines at work. The yoga asanas are decided and a healthy lifestyle is advised.
5. As the body becomes stronger, the mind is clearer as well. This ensures better body functioning capabilities. As a result, the uterus is stronger and becomes capable of holding the fetus.

Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda may be slow gathering and lengthy but is perfectly safe. These medicines may have side effects while Ayurveda is natural with no after-effects but positive news.

With Ishani Ayurveda, you can expect the best Ayurveda Treatment in Kerela, India for your Recurrent miscarriages. Get a consultation with the Ishani Ayurveda team today to discuss the best treatment plan for you at the earliest for quick results.

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