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In response to the present state of healthcare, Ishani Ayurveda provides an immersive Ayurvedic Online Consultation in Belgium. A new norm has emerged as a result of the socioeconomic effects of the last two years. Ishani Ayurveda, by far the finest platform for online ayurvedic consultation for a variety of conditions, is where your quest for alternative medicine comes to an end. We provide authentic Ayurveda remedies for a variety of medical conditions. An effective treatment plan customized for you can be created with the assistance of an Ayurveda doctor online in Belgium once the bodily constitution has been examined.

Ayurvedic Care in Belgium holds traditional nutritional knowledge as its core and is centered on the person and places more of a focus on preventing illnesses than treating them. It becomes even more important in today’s world of growing lifestyle disorders since it considers all aspects of existence and goes beyond a simple structural and material approach.

The individual’s nature is the focal point of the Ayurvedic medical concept. We define health as an individual’s capacity to adapt to the changing environment. Ayurveda treatment in Belgium and in general is predicated on the idea of Prakriti, or the patient’s intrinsic psycho-physical constitutional health state. It’s biological importance has received substantial confirmation from recent genetic studies.


The Facility

Ishani Ayurveda Yoga Heritage, our Ayurvedic Treatment Facility is located near Munnar, Kerala’s top tourist destination, in Kunjithanny. It is tucked in a tranquil setting, close to nature and distant from all the congestion of the city. Munnar, located in the Western Ghats Mountain range at a height of around 1,600 metres above sea level, is often known as the “Kashmir of South India” for its lush greenery and natural abundance.Under the guidance of our skilled and experienced team of doctors, the Ayurvedic doctor online in Belgium conducts the treatments while maintaining their traditional components and using conventional medications.

By utilizing Ayurveda and nature for healing, we support the use of traditional medicine for overall wellbeing. Yoga and meditation, which assist link the body to the spirit, work as a booster in achieving optimal health in addition to the therapies. Ayurveda doctor online in Belgium provide comprehensive, integrated care utilizing traditional Ayurvedic medicines.

Traditional healing for complete well-being

Healing with Nature & Ayurveda

Connecting Body & Soul with Yoga & Meditation

Holistic healing with traditional Ayurvedic medicines

Panchakarma – for a perfect detoxification

Beauty Treatments – Channeling the inner beauty

Herbal Medicines – Tradition meets Quality

Experienced Doctors & Therapists

Marma Treatments

Kalari Treatments

Pranic Healing

Professional atmosphere & Friendly Staff

Dr. Sinu K. John

Dr. Sinu K. John, a qualified yoga instructor who has been practicing both yoga and Ayurveda for ten years, serves as our primary consultant. She specializes in skin care, all-natural cosmetic treatments, infertility, and the health of pregnant women and new mothers. She is a wellness expert who is passionate about healthy eating and exercising and has a great lot of experience working with clients both domestically and overseas. Furthermore, she provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare with a focus on lifestyle medicine. Her method of healing is centred on proper diet, exercise, yoga, mindfulness, cleansing, nutrition, effective stress relief, and weight loss.

Yoga & meditation Sessions

A novice to an experienced yoga practitioner can benefit from a 7-day yoga and meditation package. A revered yogacharya leads arduous morning and evening yoga practices as part of the package. Additionally, a customized Sattvic Eating plan and Ayurvedic Online Consultation in Belgium are included.

With the Ayurveda Online Consultation in Belgium, you will be able to lay a solid foundation and implement yoga into your daily life after the seven-day wellness tourism packages. It will help you achieve total well-being and a joyful existence by promoting a calmer mind and a healthier body.

Although there are spa services offered all over the world, none compare to the comprehensive experience offered by wellness centers in Kerala by Ayurvedic doctor Online in Belgium. Even though there are wellness package options in most accommodation choices in Kerala as a part of wellness tourism, customized wellness programmes monitored by experienced professionals offer a higher focus on rejuvenation and wellbeing. Meals are guaranteed to be healthful and delicious as it is prepared using organic ingredients.

Because it promotes mindfulness, cognitive and emotional repair, and self-purification, all of which contribute to a person’s total welfare, an Ayurveda and Yoga retreat is the ideal venue for holistic Ayurveda Care in Belgium. There are several benefits to taking these getaways. It’s like taking a break in the middle of a lengthy journey to refuel so you can keep going with all your strength.


Munnar, Kerala’s top tourist destination. It is tucked in a tranquil setting, close to nature and distant from all the congestion of the city. Munnar, located in the Western Ghats Mountain range at a height of around 1,600 metres above sea level, is often known as the “Kashmir of South India” and famed as top hill staion, for its lush greenery and natural abundance

Visas & Medical Tours

Italian nationals can choose from a broad range of tour packages in India based purely on their preferences. Depending on the reason for their visit, they would need to select the appropriate category of visa. The alternatives for visas that are available to guests include the India e-Tourist Visa, India e-Business Visa, India e-Medical Visa, and India e-Conference Visa. You must request an e-Medical Visa if you need medical care for yourself, medical advice, or consultation with an Indian doctor on a health condition or disease for Ayurvedic treatment in Belgium.

He or she just has to apply for a visa in order to receive medical care at an Indian hospital or with a specific doctor. A visa can be obtained for a patient who is presently receiving Ayurvedic online consultation in Belgium by providing the patent registration information and associated consultation bill. Yoga practices and Ayurvedic therapies performed under the guidance of Ayurveda doctor online in Belgium help nourish the physique and spirit and therefore assist in relaxation and promote physiological, emotional, and psychological health.

Stress management techniques in therapy and yoga sessions used as a part of Ayurveda Online Consultation in Belgium aid in enhancing focus and mental attitude. Because it is based on the composition of the body, ayurvedic medicine aids in reducing muscular swelling. The herbal mixtures are intended to feed tissues and encourage their ability to mend themselves.

All of these elements come together in helping the body get rid of pain and discomfort, combined with yoga exercises. Because it is evident that psychological factors also have an influence on one’s physical health, the tangible and immaterial components of one’s life are given consideration during a session with an Ayurvedic doctor online in Belgium while evaluating therapeutic alternatives for any condition in Ayurveda treatment. Therefore, an Ayurvedic style of living helps us to understand the necessity of maintaining a balance between one’s ideas, body, and conscience.

We support your Medical Visas in India and Wellness Tourism in Munnar, Kerala by providing Instant Resort Booking availabilities.


People are using internet tools to reach Ayurveda doctor online in Belgium more than ever due to the globalisation of the digital space. A growing number of people are scheduling appointments online, particularly for medical consultations. Patients and physicians converse through audio and video chat during these sessions in order to discuss problems and find solutions. Let’s examine a few features that make online consultations unique and essential in today’s world:

People are now reluctant to leave the comfort of their homes until absolutely essential, especially when going to a hospital or other sensitive location. Therefore, consultations by Ayurvedic doctor online in Belgium emerged as the most secure method of seeking counsel.

Even while some doctors are available for in-person consultations, it may occasionally be challenging to fly across the nation to visit your doctor for a variety of reasons. Ayurveda Online Consultation in Belgium is based on online communication and is a lifesaver in this dire situation. Since you may communicate with an Ayurvedic doctor online in Belgium at any time and from any location, it’s a fairly straightforward alternative.

We respect our clients’ demand for privacy and will never, ever unless specifically requested, provide any information about Ayurvedic Online Consultation in Belgium or medical conditions to a third party.


"Hi everyone, Namaste, Swastika,  Assalamualaikum, I'm Valentina Manduki, I'm from Italy, I just finished my days here in Ishani Heritage Ayurveda and Yoga, I'm so happy, I could find them because this is my 10th year in India and every time I just took you know some Ayurveda treatments just for brief while here I could experience the beautiful nature of Kerala, the true essence of Ayurveda. So I did some specific massages, Shirodhara, beautiful beauty treatments, and what I like them most is that atmosphere is super familiar, the staff is great, the doctors really follow you, they take so much time to know which kind of treatment is best for you and I found amazing patients also here from Europe and from India. So I hardly suggested to come here and experience the true Ayurveda in the beautiful Kerala."
Valentina Manduchi

Online Video Consultation Works Globally

We have serviced so many clients so far around the world via Online Consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctors at your convenient time using Google Meet/Zoom Call.


At first, you have to fill out the inquiry form. After that, we will schedule your consultation date and time and then you can do consultation with doctor either at your home or at your convenience place and doctor will suggest the treatment plan you required.

After making an appointment with our Ayurveda doctor online in Belgium, a meeting will be scheduled for the initial assessment. The Pulse won’t be examined due to the constraints of the scenario, but the Doctor would request you to show your tongue, face, eyes, and fingernails for a more accurate diagnosis. Ayurveda places equal emphasis on all the facets of your life than only the physique. Therefore, one must be ready to discuss their personal and health-related histories, as well as their current dietary regime, way of life, sleeping patterns, working condition, personal connections, and exercise regimen, among other things.

After studying the condition and symptoms of each patient after the initial assessment, we guide them to make appointments with appropriate physicians who can help them with their healing.

Yes, the recommended medications for the patient will be emailed in PDF format once the preliminary analysis is completed and after considering the symptoms and physical condition.

The online medical consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor online in Belgium is secure, so you may use it with confidence. Your information’s privacy is upheld, and it is always properly protected. As usual, anything you share with your doctor online is confidential.