Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss

Ayurveda treatment for hair loss

Having your crowning glory thinning over time can be stressful. It is common to have hair fall as it removes dead cells and when new hair grows, they bring new life to your scalp. The main problem is when this growth becomes stagnant or the rate of hair fall is more than the growth. This leads to the problem of early greying and balding. With the Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss, it is now possible to bring back the original glory and gain your self-confidence in one go.

This Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss in Kerela, India is very promising in bringing you out of your embarrassment and stress of tremendous hair fall situation. To begin your treatment, you first need to understand the causes of hair fall.

Causes behind Hair Fall Problem

Hair Fall problem can occur in anyone and at any time in their life. Below are some of the factors that greatly contribute to hair fall.

Improper Nutrition

Having poor dietary sustenance in routine can boggle your entire system and affect a lot of prime areas within your body including your scalp. This leads to problems like more dead cells, dandruff, and lack of strength leading to hair fall.

Erratic Lifestyle

When your lifestyle is imbalanced and you have long nights and long working hours with little sleep, your body and scalp react to it. This is caused due to drift in the body cycle. Ayurveda treatment for hair loss ensures that you set a time for every task and follow a fixed routine.

Environmental Contributors

With the increase in pollution and weather fluctuations, the open air is being contaminated with harmful contaminants ensuring that they react negatively with our skin. The scalp is the most affected due to the first and largest point of contact. Only serious hair treatment ayurvedic can improve the condition.

Anxiety and Tension

A lot of factors contribute to making you turn into a big ball of stress and anxiety such as work, relationships, and social issues. This causes hormonal imbalance leading to hair loss. A proper Ayurveda treatment in Kerela can help you tread lightly onto the sphere of calmness and stop hair fall problems.

Bone Tissue Weakness

Medically and according to Ayurveda, bone tissue weakness can be developed causing hair loss. Ayurvedic medicine for hair fall can help improve this situation and decrease the loss of hair fall.

All these factors are directly or indirectly the cause of hair problems in any individual. This is because all these factors allow toxin buildup and hormonal fluctuations that affect the growth of hair and increase hair fall. Proper Ayurveda treatment for hair growth will help you reduce the impact of these factors by hitting them spot-on.

Doshas Contribution to Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss

Ayurveda treatment for hair loss

According to Ayurveda, the entire universe and everything in it consists of 5 elements and 3 doshas, balancing which one can achieve the benefits of good health and lifestyle. These doshas play a vital role in defining the body type, shape, size, hair type, colour, and so on. To help you work on your hair fall problem, Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss and regrowth works towards the health and balance of all the 3 doshas. Primarily, the Pitta dosha.

VataDosha is symbolic of air and manages our nervous system. Pitta dosha is symbolic of fire and controls and manages our digestion and metabolism. Kaphadosha is symbolic of water that keeps up with the lubrication of joints. At any time, if there is a misbalance, then problems arise. To ensure a proper Ayurveda Treatment for Hair loss, one must be ready to work on the pitta dosha to fight back and gain the hair to grow back.

Remedies in Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss

Undergoing ayurvedic treatment for hair fall and dandruff requires a few essential steps to ensure that the process of hair loss reduction and hair growth improvement is steady.

Oil Stream

One of the most highlighting and effective ayurvedic treatments for hair loss is the massage of the head through a single thin stream of warm oils poured on the head. This is said to improve blood circulation and promote hair growth.


In this remedy, coconut and sesame oils are preferred to carry out a systematic massage of the hair and scalp to provide relief from the heating (pitta dosh of fire) and result in a cool head. This provides a smooth jolt to the sensory nerves to prevent greying while nourishing the scalp cells underlying the skin.

Hair Pack

One of the most trusted remedies for the ayurvedic treatment in Kerela, applying a hair pack full of herbs can provide a cooling effect while curing split ends, dandruff, frizz, and hair fall problem. This is possible through steady blood circulation, toxin elimination, and calm nerve endings. The hair packs are one of the most effective ayurvedic treatments for hair fall and dandruff.

Nasal Treatment

This is a simple practice of instilling a small quantity of herbal oil through the nasal entrance to cure the individual of various ailments including hair fall.

Beauty and Health

Beauty and health go hand-in-hand. Ayurveda treatment for hair loss is brought into practice by instilling the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle, regular take-care pointers, breathing exercises, and natural products to support and revitalize the beauty of your skin.


A basic ingredient for every Ayurveda treatment for hair fall, herbs are natural products that are good for the body, provide relief, calmness, and coolness, and prevent ailments when used in packs and massages.

Hair Cleansers and Nourishers

Some of the natural cleansers include shikakai, reetha, aloe vera, besan, amla, and hibiscus. When these are utilized in the hair treatment Ayurveda, these depict a positive result in terms of less hair fall and rejuvenated hair growth.

Following the right process under the Ayurveda Treatment for Hair Loss in Kerala, India you can get back your crowning glory with revitalized hair quality and improving overall scalp health.

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