Ayurveda Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis

How do you cope with Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver Cirrhosis - What do we know

Liver Cirrhosis is a tenacious problem that leads to liver malfunctions as a result of the gradual wearing off of the liver that can be due to fibrosis or dwindling of liver tissue. Upon getting damaged, a healthy liver has the ability to regrow most of the cells, which does not happen with the case of cirrhosis affected liver. With this condition, healthy liver cells undergo permanent damage and end up with a liver of scar tissues. The presence of less healthy liver cells and more scar tissues prevents the liver from performing its functionalities properly. Cirrhosis is not liver disease, but it is a condition that results from years of liver disorders that injured a healthy liver by causing inflammation of the liver or even death of healthy cells present in the liver. Ayurveda Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis focuses on the reversal of the condition and provides a cure from it gradually.


General Facts

During the early stages of the condition, the body does not exhibit any symptoms. A certain category of people is at higher risks of contracting the disease, such as people who are alcoholics, or those who have fatty liver and hepatitis. As it is a condition that affects a person gradually, one needs to be attentive and care for the body before it gets out of hand. Ayurvedic treatment for liver cirrhosis helps control the situation by managing a few factors in life. Once it reaches the latter stages, it might require a liver transplant to survive, as it is a life-threatening condition. We can classify cirrhosis as an autoimmune liver disease directed by an abnormal function of the liver. Ayurvedic treatment for cirrhosis of the liver focuses on stimulating the body into regenerating the liver cells by means of herbal medications and physical therapy. The damaged tissues in the liver block the blood flow through the liver, which negatively affects the processing of hormones, supplements/nutrients, drugs and the toxins that are naturally produced in the body. The presence of scar tissues adversely affects the creation of proteins as well as other substances.


To put it in simple words, liver cirrhosis can be termed as a condition that is a result of neglecting liver health or giving it too much strain for a longer period of time. The treatment for liver cirrhosis in Ayurveda taps into the body’s inherent healing capacity and assists the body in reversing the condition. In Ayurvedic terms, it is classified as a Pitta disorder.

The most common causes of liver cirrhosis are identified as follows:

● Alcohol Abuse / Excessive Alcohol consumption

While the body is put through alcohol abuse, it develops the condition called fatty liver. Over the years, fat accumulation happens over the
liver cells, which results in restricted functioning of the liver. If the body is subject to alcohol, it leads to death of the liver cells or scarring. While undergoingAyurvedic treatment for cirrhosis, consumption of alcohol is strictly restricted to help the body heal faster.

● Hepatitis

It identified that hepatitis B is one of the major causes leading to liver cirrhosis. The virus has the ability to lie in a slumber for a long duration. It can be active at any time and result in perilous liver damage.

● Fatty Liver (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

There are a few other factors that contribute to fatty liver other than alcoholism, which are diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.
Obesity puts a lot of pressure on various organs and the liver is no exception. Over the years, it develops cirrhosis.

● The side effect of prolonged usage of other prescription drugs Various medicines used to treat other diseases such as arthritis, allergies, gout etc are usually consumed for a pretty long period which causes a burden on the liver resulting in liver cirrhosis.

● Bile duct blockage

The bile ducts are pathways that take bile from liver to intestine. As bile is responsible for digestion, any blockage to the bile ducts can lead to liver damage, as the liver cells will be pressured to perform its functions with restricted healthy cells.

● Cystic Fibrosis

This inherited condition results in small ducts in the liver getting blocked which can lead to cirrhosis.

How to cure chronic liver disease naturally?

We can try to contain the progression of liver diseases by following a healthy lifestyle and appropriate Ayurvedic treatment for cirrhosis of liver.

● Abstain from Alcohol
● Include Vitamin C in the diet
● Have an antioxidant-rich diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are loaded with that.
● Ensure a balanced diet that is nutritious.
● Abstain from junk food
● Exercise regularly

These changes in one’s lifestyle and diet is the answer to an often asked question, “how I cured my liver cirrhosis?”. Which is patiently and persistently making healthy changes and sticking to it is the only solution to the otherwise incurable condition.

How to reduce fatty liver in Ayurveda?

Fatty liver is usually asymptomatic and stays undetected until a later stage when the upper abdomen feels heavy for the patient. Upon getting diagnosed with the condition, many seek holistic treatments with the pressing question in mind, “Can Ayurveda cure fatty liver?”. Ayurveda classifies it under “Yakrthodara Agni / digestive fire plays a significant role in managing the disease.

Ayurveda treatment for the condition includes:

● Shodhanachikitsa (detoxification process along with Panchakarma
● Shamanachikitsa (PalliativelyanalysedAyurvedic medications) and
● Kayakalpa (Rejuvenation/renewal – For Immunity ).
Herbs used in the treatment include Katuki, Bahupatra / Keezharnelli, Makoya
/ Black Nightshade, Kalmegh / Bhunimba, Sharpunkha / Shankhpushpa, Guduchi / Giloy, Rohitaka, etc.

Ayurveda Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis helps improve liver health as well as prevent any further damages to the liver. Positive results of the treatment are visible in a month upon following the guidelines perfectly. For the reversal of disease to kick in, it requires more time and patience.

At Ishani Ayurveda, we design unique customized routines depending on the patient. The treatment focuses on detoxifying the body while helping it overcome the damages caused over time by bad living habits and neglecting one’s own health. Our expert team will lead you in every step of the process towards achieving the health goal.

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