Ayurveda Treatment for Infertility


Ayurveda Treatment for InfertilityAround 10-15 percent of couples in India are said to have infertility issues according to AIIMS. Naturally, a significant number of these couples look for treatment under Assisted Reproduction Specialists. Unfortunately, a major part of these couples fail to conceive even in the wake of utilizing advanced methods like ICSI. Ayurveda treatment for infertility in Kerala utilizes comprehensive and regular ayurvedic treatment for infertility. Moreover, the success rate of Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility is claimed to be 90%.

Infertility in Women

Ayurveda Treatment in Ayurbeda

In urban areas, PCOD is the most well-known reason for female infertility. PolyCystic Ovarian Disease prompts anovulatory cycles, which is the key reason for infertility and can be increased by weight gain and insulin obstruction, Hypo-thyroid, high degrees of Prolactin, chronic stress and significant degrees of Androgens and Estrogen. This influences fertility negatively because of hormonal milieu imbalance. Subsequently, a holistic methodology addressing every one of these elements is expected to improve results in fertility. On the other hand, pelvic inflammatory infection is the most widely recognized reason for infertility in rural areas. This condition emerges when physically sent microbes contaminate the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. If left untreated, it can enter the circulatory system from pelvic organs. Although, it is a treatable condition and most patients are known to recover fully with the help of right medicines and treatments.

Infertility in Men

Male infertility is a medical issue that brings down the chances of effective pregnancy among couples. It implies not having the option to get pregnant even after successive, unprotected sex for a year or more. These days, around 33% of the time, infertility is the issue with the man.

Infertility in men can bring about low sperm creation, abnormal sperm work, sperm not being able to run. Infections, wounds, constant ailments, simple lifestyle choices and some other different factors are to be faulted for male infertility. Ayurvedic Herbs are utilized for the male infertility issues in Kerala.

Symptoms of Infertility


Formation of solid sperms that can travel all the way to the egg relies upon numerous things.Issues can prevent cells from developing into sperm and can hold the sperm back from arriving at the egg. Indeed, even the temperature of the scrotum might influence fertility. To list others, these are the primary keys of infertility in males:

  • Sperm Disorders
  • Varicoceles
  • Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Immunologic Infertility
  • Obstruction
  • Hormones
  • Medication


Changes in the menstruation and ovulation cycle might be an indication of an infection identified with infertility. Symptoms might include:

  • Strange periods: Draining might be heavier or lighter than expected; number of days changes in every period cycle; back torment, pelvic torment, and squeezing might occur.
  • No periods: You never had a period or periods stop abruptly.
  • Hormone problems can also be a factor for female infertility. In this case, symptoms might also include:
  • Skin changes, including more skin break out
  • Changes in sex drive and want
  • Dim hair development on the lips, chest, and jaw
  • Loss of hair or diminishing hair
  • Weight gain

How to Cure Infertility Naturally?

Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Women


There is no remedy for PCOD yet. However, there are treatments to maintain it.In ladies with obese category, weight reduction and changes in diet might be sufficient to advance ovulation. Certain drugs invigorate ovulation and increase fertility for ladies who show unpredictable ovulation even after weight reduction. Imbalance in chemical levels is corrected by eliminating the toxins and pollutants from the body by adjusting each of the three doshas in the body. Alongside ayurvedic treatment, any way of life changes must be taken on to deliver powerful outcomes. According to an Ayurvedic point of view,unreasonable utilization of contraception pills, mental pressure, and absence of active work can create toxins in the body which in turn, paves the way for infections like PCOD. Ayurvedic prescriptions must be consumed as they help to eliminate the toxins and pollutants from the body ,which suits you the best. we look at all aspects of the patient to figure the best ayurveda treatment for PCOD as indicated by the persons state of being, family history, and level of issue.


For Pelvic Inflammation

In cases pelvic inflammation isn’t extremely old, the infection is known to be cured by Ayurveda medicines. After a session with the patient, the Ayurveda specialist chooses the right medicine and proposes the perfect diet and lifestyle suggestions. The surmised span needed for the treatment is around 3-6 months. A discussion, or even a web-based video chat, is sufficient to comprehend the patient’s clinical history and endorse ayurvedic medication for pelvic inflammation accordingly. However, in constant instances of PID, detoxification with Panchakarma treatments turns out to be practically obligatory. The patient requires Vasti, Abhyanga and Virechan, alongside natural drugs. The panchakarma treatment for PID is trailed by Ayurveda medications and dietary limitations further for around 3-6 months.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Men

Ayurveda utilizes spices alongside dietary and lifestyle changes. It utilizes herbal treatments to bring back the contraceptive force. Alongside strong spices, ayurvedic treatment includes dietary alterations, yoga, pranayama, detoxification treatments that re-establish body balance.

However, infertility is an intricate issue and it is advised to look for DOCTOR’s guidance for which treatment is best for infertility. Additionally, Ayurveda offers an individualistic methodology instead of an overall methodology. It includes each part of the patient’s life and details a characteristic way of relieving infertility. Although, the following listed herbs are known to cure infertility for hundreds of years:

  •   Ashwagandhadi Lehyam
  •  Narasimha Rasayanam
  •  Madanakameswari Lehyam
  •  Kapikachu Choornam

As you take ayurvedic treatment for male infertility in Kerala, the treatment also enhances your general wellbeing, while the focus remains to be on dispensing infertility. Aahar and Vihar should additionally be dealt with during the treatment to advance the treatment of the patients


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