Ayurveda Treatment for Stroke

stroke recovery treatments (Kerala, India)

Ayurveda and Stroke

In Ayurveda, stroke is referred to as ‘Pakshaghatha’. Since Ayurveda implies the reason for stroke to be vitiated Vata dosha controls the sensory and motor skills. Ayurveda treatment for Stroke is intended to boost the blood supply to the brain, a lack of which may lead to oxygen deprivation that is enough to damage the brain cells. Having the blood flow stopped for even a few seconds are enough for the brain cells to result in irreparable damage to the cells.

What is the best treatment for Stroke?
Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala

A customized stroke treatment plan is optimized by our senior practitioner while considering the stage and duration the patient has had the condition as well as the other health aspects as well. If the condition occurred recently, the treatment plan will include:

★      Medications like Dhanwantharam Kashayam to be consumed along with, mild physical treatments including:

     ○        Abhyanga (Warm medicated oil massage)

           The dosha-specific oil is warmed and applied on the body with mild strokes to help relieve the body of pent-up toxins and balance the dosha vitiation. It is especially beneficial for Vata imbalance.

     ○        Kaya Seka / Pizhichil

          The special procedure involves the whole body being soaked in mild streams of medicated oil in a lukewarm state followed by a gentle massage. This is highly beneficial in improving blood flow thereby aiding to relieve the body from the state of paralysis. 

Stroke is an extremely fatal conndition which happens due to the blood circulation to the brain being cut off resulting in brain cell death. The most common aftermath of a stroke is Paralysis. Mostly paralysis happen on the opposite side of the body to the brain’s affected side. This type of paralysis occurring to one side is called hemiplegia. Disabilities following stroke depends on the extent of brain damage. Ayurveda treatment for Stroke is aimed at bringing back the sensory and motor functions of the brain back by alancing the vitiated Vata dosha.

Ayurveda Treatment for Stroke

Results of Stroke

Ayurveda Stroke Treatment

Paralysis or motor control is not the only disability causes by srtoke, but it may result in sensory deficit, causing the affected to not be able to feel touch, pain, temperature or position. Such disturbances to senses might result in chronic pain which inturn leads to functional difficulties.

One among every four victims of stroke in brain suffer from difficulty understanding or using language. This condition is called Aphasia and may also include the ability to read, write, understand and speak. Memory or thinking ability is also largely affected by stroke.

Emotional disturbances are also found to be a result of stroke where the victim has chances of experiencing depression, anxiety, fear, frustration, sadness, as well as physical and mental distress. Hence, a victim of stroke can also experience personality changes.

Types of Stroke

Strokes are categorized into two: Hemorrhagic Stroke and Ischemic Stroke.

An stroke haemorrhage occurs upon a blood vessel rupture resulting in blood getting accumululated in the tissue around the point of rupture. This results in the brain being put under pressure and loss of blood to the areas around it.

An Ischemic stroke / Clots occurs when the blood flow to the brain cells are hindered.


The most common cause of a ruptured blood vessel in brain is due to aneurysm, a condition where a portion of blood vessel becomes enlarged due to high blood pressure. Enlarging of blood pressure leads to thinning of the walls leading to rupture.

 Another one of the haemorrhagic stroke causes which is pretty rare is arteriovenous malformation, where the arteries and veins are abnormally connected.

Major cause of Ischemic stroke is atherosclerosis which is caused by deposits of fat lining the blood vessel walls.


Major stroke symptoms are:

●        Paralysis / numbness

●        Loss of strength in arms and legs

●        Limited movement of arms and limbs

●        Altered state of mind

●        Vomiting with headache

●        Trouble with vision

●        Metallic aftertaste in mouth

●        Disturbed bodily coordination

●        Trouble swallowing


For stroke prevention, it is advised to follow:

●        A healthy diet and proper eating

●        Reduce cholestrol and saturated fat intake

●        Diabetic control

●        Regular blood pressure monitoring

●        Regular Exercise

●        Abstain from smoking and drinking


Clinical presentation and a brain-computed tomography-scan is used as means for stroke diagnosis.


How to Cure Brain Stroke?

Stroke is a condition that can be cured which takes time and patience. As with any diseases, instead of managing and curing the symptoms, Ayurveda treatment for stroke tries to find the root cause of the issue to control the damage done there and strengthen the core to prevent the issue from reappearing. The initial phase of stroke recovery treatment is restoring blood flow to the brain. Stroke nursing diagnosis done using various techniques including CT scan, MRI Scan, Ultrasound with doppler etc are considered in understanding the severity of the condition and if the patient is strong enough to receive the treatments.

 The question that gets asked often is ‘how to cure stroke paralysis?’. As per Ayurveda, stroke is caused due to the limitation in Vata movement resulting in drying up of Srotas and Sanyu (tendons) of half of the body followed by loss of movement and sensation.

Ayurveda treatment for stroke focuses on treatment for recovery which can help the victim reduce the impact of paralysis, numbness etc. Based on the patient’s condition a recovery and rejuvenation treatment plan is devised that can help them ease the symptoms and difficulties caused by the condition.

Ayurveda treatment for stroke include a combination of Nasya, Vasti and Shirodhara. Vasti is a detoxification process which helps remove the toxin buildup which is the first step towards balancing the impaired dosha. Nasya is where herbal decoction or medicated oil is administered through the nose to treat the nose, sinus and head.

Oral herbal medications like Ashwagandhaaristha, Ashvagandhachurna, Ashtavarga Kashayam, Brahmi Vati etc are also used to stimulate the body in managing the good effects post detoxification. 

Ayurveda treatment for stroke in Kerala, includes therapies like Kabalam, Njavarakkizhi, Sirovasti, and Elakizhi also designated for the patients along with the prescribed internal medicines. Rehabilitation treatments are designed to enable the patients with a quality holistic treatment, enriched lifestyle and independence in basic activities. Ishani Ayurveda is one of the best stroke rehabilitation centres in India where Ayurvedic treatments along with physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy is clubbed together in a very homely atmosphere with Yoga and counselling as well to help revive the confidence and providing reassurance to the affected person without being invasive.