Ayurvedic Treatment for Triglycerides

TryglyceridesOne of the oldest medicinal treatments, Ayurveda utilizes dietary stipulations, behavioural modifications, and detoxication to attain a level of health that is unattainable in most. Triglycerides in the blood are one such problem that requires such treatment. Therefore, Ayurvedic Treatment for Triglycerides is one of the most successful processes that help an individual attain a satisfactory health level. But what are triglycerides?

Insight into Triglycerides

Our blood consists of fats stored in cells. One such fat is triglycerides which are absorbed by the blood after certain foods are ingested. These sources of triglycerides include oil, margarine, butter, and cheese. Other sources from which our blood extracts extra calorie intake include sugar, candy, alcohol, white bread, and pastries. When absorbed these calories are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells.

While triglycerides may be good for the body as they can be converted into energy, a little too much can be dangerous for health including the heart. It goes hand-in-hand with cholesterol and combined with bad cholesterol it can be highly dangerous. Hence, ayurvedic treatment for triglycerides in Kerela, India can help you reach a nominal and healthy level of fat retention while shoving away the extra unhealthy count safely and naturally.

The Role of Ayurveda to Reduce Triglycerides

Our body needs triglycerides to store energy for when we need it. But this is only a good thing for the body till the time it has an excellent manageable level. Triglycerides ayurvedic treatment is the best way to achieve that natural and the underlined processes are easy for all.

When you think about how to reduce triglycerides in Ayurveda, you first need to understand the core reason behind the elevation of the triglyceride levels and in turn the bad cholesterol level. Over weightiness or obesity, lack of physical movement, overconsumption of bad meals, and inculcated bad habits all are prime suspects in increasing the readings of triglycerides in an individual. To understand the triglyceride treatment in Ayurveda the first involves keeping a check on the intake.

Some of the best ways for the ayurvedic treatment of triglycerides are mentioned hereon.

Carbohydrates Consumption Check

Often the most comforting foods are the more harmful ones to your health. In this case, simple carbohydrates such as desserts, sugar, processed foods, and more contribute towards the elevation of the triglycerides level in the blood. For successful ayurvedic treatment of triglycerides, the first step is to manage the consumption and increase the intake of whole grains.

Physical Workout

Since, triglycerides are good for producing energy in the body, burning the fats requires more physical strain by a constant utilization of energy produced. A mere 30 minutes of intense workout, brisk walk, or running can help utilize the energy produced by the triglycerides, thereby burning off the extra calories. This is one of the simplest ayurvedic treatments of triglycerides carried out by an individual themselves.

Manage Calorie Intake

While burning the fat is necessary, watching the intake of fat is also equally important. Foods or items that do not benefit the body other than producing fat such as soda, pasta, meat, processed foods, and alcohol. These foods are high in calories and add to the bad cholesterol levels as well leading to weight gain. Hence, according to triglycerides Ayurveda treatment, calorie intake watches out is a must.

Weight Watching

If you have high levels of triglycerides in your blood, you must be facing accumulated fat problems in the abdomen. Working with certified and experienced diagnostics for ayurvedic treatment for triglycerides can help you gain perspective on shedding the extra fat.

Eat & Sleep Just Right

Accumulation of fats is also a collection of toxins in the body that can harm the body in many ways. When you make your eating and sleeping just right and give your body what it is due, then the levels of triglycerides would be seen less and less. This reduces toxins and fat accumulation by heaps leading to controlled cholesterol as well.

Food Preparation Contribution

According to the Ayurveda treatment in Kerala, the way to prepare food also contributes to your health. The food is preferred to be cooked in ghee or oil as they are much better options and healthier than their alternatives. As for the triglycerides ayurvedic treatment, overheating of the food is bad for health and only contributes to the generation of greater toxins.

While processes involved in the ayurvedic treatment for triglycerides are necessary, keeping a check on your levels is essential too. In case of any fluctuations, there are some foods and herb options that can help lower your erratic levels in a short time.


One of the miracle consumables, honey contains antioxidants that combat the growing levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol to maintain the levels in the blood. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, a combination of honey, warm water, and lemon drops is the best combination that contributes to the ayurvedic treatment of triglycerides.


A wonderful goldmine of vitamin C, antioxidants, and more minerals, it acts as a heart muscle-strengthening agent while reducing triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol.

Many more include Garlic, Arjuna, Celery, Avocado, green tea, brown rice, Apples, broccoli, and barley apart from many others also have a profound effect on triglyceride levels reductions as per the Ayurveda.


Everyone loves eating to their heart’s desire which consequently proves dangerous for health. It is best to find the middle ground to ensure that you are balancing your intake with a healthy dose of workout. Ayurvedic treatment for Triglycerides at Ishani Ayurveda ensures that necessary control is maintained through natural methods with no outright risk factors and no side effects.

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