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obesity treatment and prevention (Kerala,India)

Ayurveda Treatment for ObesityObesity can be termed a medical condition where the excess accumulated body fat has reached a point that may negatively affect the person’s health for which an Ayurvedic weight loss treatment would be most beneficial without any side effects. A person is considered obese if their Body Mass Index is over 30kg/m2, which indicates an increased size and amount of fat cells present in the body. Rather than being a cosmetic problem, it poses severe health threats like high blood pressure, cardiac problems, cholesterol, diabetes, reduced life expectancy and even certain types of cancers. Body Mass Index is a unit of measuring the fat content by comparing height and weight.

Ayurveda describes Obesity as Atisthaulya where Meda (fat) and Mamsa (flesh) is accumulated excessively which leads to saggy abdomen, chest area and hips. Obesity is categorized among the diseases which are caused due to consumption of excessive calories or energy-dense food (Santarpanottha Vikaras).

Frequent symptoms of Obesity include Profuse Sweating, Snoring, Shortness of breath, Excessive Hunger, Sleeping Troubles, Fatigue etc to name a few along with the discomforts of added weight. There are rare genetic conditions that affect genes that regulate appetite and related functions that result in obesity. People who are suffering from various levels of sthaulya, exhibit excessive cases of appetite and faster digestion. A faster digestion indicates an increased functioning of Jatharagni / Digestive fire.  


Weight Loss Treatment (Kerala, India)

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment, upon scheduling a consultation with us, the practitioner will assess each person to analyze their Prakrithi and Dosha imbalance. Having identified that, a proper treatment plan is formed which includes herbal medications, physical therapies, and diet plans that can help reduce fat cells present in the body and stimulate metabolism. 

Yoga sessions form the next integral part of the treatment plan where Yoga asanas or postures that are designed to help lose the extra fat will be included. Yoga asanas involve positioning yourself in a certain form which helps remove blockages, release prana and re-energize the mind which in turn activates the endocrine glands. People who are Obese, should practice physical excercises to a limit and not to try sweat it out until exhaustion. 

Weight loss Packages Treatment plan and Yoga Asanas (Kerala, India)

Our Ayurvedic weight loss package treatment ranges from 3 to 6 weeks. For the treatment to be effective, it needs to be done for a minimum of 3 weeks. For better results, we advise a plan of 3 to 6 weeks.

Detailed treatment plan:


It is a deep tissue massage performed with herbal oil and powder by using upward strokes. It is therapeutic and the heat generated by the intense massaging helps melt the excess fat present in a person’s body. 

There are two types of Udwarthanam depending on the manner the herbal powders are used for the massage.

It is a deep tissue massage performed with herbal oil and powder by using upward strokes. It is therapeutic and the heat generated by the intense massaging helps melt the excess fat present in a person’s body. 

There are two types of Udwarthanam depending on the manner the herbal powders are used for the massage.

Snigadh Udwarthanam / Sneha Udwarthanam

According to Charaka Samhita, Snigadh Udwarthanam is performed by using a herbal paste which is a mixture of herbal powders in oil and is often used on people who have skin conditions or sensitive skin when dry powders cannot be used. This massage is done by rubbing this herbal paste vigorously onto the body which helps exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

Ruksha Udwarthanam

Ruksha Udwarthanam involves intense massaging of dry herbal powders onto one’s body which can help relieve excess Kapha, reduce excess fat and cellulite and thus being beneficial for the treatment of obesity. The herbs used in treatment are selected based on the nature of each person. If in case the person in question is of Kapha nature, the ideal herbal mixture is Tribhala (Indian Gooseberry / Amla, Bibhithaki / Thaani, Haritaki / Katukka). For people with Pitta constitution, the ideal herbal mixture will differ which is  a combination of Barley / Yava Choorna, Indian Gooseberry / Amla, Haritaki / Katukka, Nutgrass / Nagarmotha, Mandukaparni / Kodaku, Indian Valerian / Thagara.A warmed herbal powder is  applied on the body in upward strokes by making sure that the motion of strokes is the opposite of the hair follicle growth. Thirty minutes post massage a warm bath is advised. It is a process which takes around 45 minutes or 1.5 hours.


Abhyangam is the relaxing massage technique using warm medicated oil that helps remove ama/toxins from the body and is helpful in relaxing the body and mind as well as building the immune system. During the massage, the warm oil is applied generously all over the body right from the scalp to the toes with rhythmic massage strokes along with the arterial blood flow. It benefits the body in multiple ways. It is good for stress relief, maintaining healthy blood pressure, Relieve stiff muscles, improves lymphatic health etc.

Podi Kizhi

Podi kizhi is a very common yet effective Ayurvedic massage where a mixture of 12 herbs is made into small boluses and dipped into warm medicated oil before doing the whole body massage or only the affected area, depending on the type of treatment. This massage is extremely beneficial in bringing back the natural body balance.


Swedana / Sudation therapy which can also be called Steam therapy where the patient is induced to sweat out the pent up toxins. Swedana helps channel the ama in one’s body towards the exit channels through which it can be released during the panchakarma therapy sessions.

Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma is known as the ultimate detoxification or purification process which involves five procedures. This therapy helps cleanse the body of all unwanted accumulated toxins. The five procedures involved are :

Vamana (Medical Emesis / Vomiting) : It is used to treat Kapha disorders which helps remove toxins from respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts.

Virechana (Purgation) : It is used to treat Pitta disorders and is a controlled process of assembling all the pent up toxins into the small intestines and eliminating them by the use of herbs that acts as laxatives.

Niroohavasti (Decoction enema) : Nirooha vasti is used to treat Vata disorders and is also called Kashaya Vasti which helps eliminate the morbid diseases from the body. 

Nasya (instillation of medicine through nostrils) : Nasya is the body cleansing procedure where warmed herbal medicine is administered through the nasal cavity which is considered the ‘door to our brain and consciousness’. Nasya helps relieve stress, migraines, Sinusitis, memory issues etc.

Anuvasanavasti (Oil enema) : Anuvasana vasti is effective in resolving Vata imbalance disorders by administering fats like ghee and medicated oils. The medicated oils need to be retained for a certain period of time that can help dislodge the toxins from the excretory organs. 

Oral Medications

There are various herbs / oral medicines that can help cure obesity. Here are a few:

Triphala, Brahmi, Indian Tamarind, fresh curry leaves, turmeric, mint, ginger, cinammon, black pepper etc are a few herbs that help in weight loss. Guggul, a gum resin made from the oily sap of the Guggul tree is known for its properties to break down fat cells. 

Ayurvedic Diet

As important as physical exercises are towards achieving the weight loss goal, is having a proper balanced Ayurvedic diet to assist the body in achieving it. 

  • According to Ayurveda, maintaining a healthy metabolism / keeping the digestive fire going is essential which can be achieved by adding healthy fuel to the system on a regular interval. 
  • Have an early dinner before 7PM.
  • Have a freshly prepared, warm, dry, rough and easily digestible / Kapha pacifying diet.
  • Drink warm water or tea throughout the day to help dissolve aama / toxins in our body.
  • Make exercise a part of life. Morning or Evening walks amidst the goodness of nature will help ease any stress and benefit the body as well.
  • Brisk walks are advised which helps ease muscle tensions and burn excess calories.
  • Meditation is helpful to calm our mind and soul.
  • Make sure to sleep well.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas help the body rebalance nervous and endocrine systems slowly but steadily such that the pranic energy structure of one’s body and mind is rebalanced. The best suited Yoga asanas that can help prepare the body towards fat loss are Pawanamuktasana, Shakthibandhanaasana followed by Surya Namaskara. Once the body is accustomed to it, one can proceed with main yoga asanas that can help balance endocrine glands and special nerves. Special Pranayama including Bhramari and Nadi Shodhana that are useful in arousing the weakened life force is included in the treatment plan.

Yoga & Ayurveda(Kerala, India)

Ayurveda and Yoga keep their focus on maintaining both physical and mental wellness and thereby ensuring the overall well-being of a person. Yoga has been found especially beneficial for people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yoga is all about finding one’s body alignment. Yoga poses are structured in a way as guidance, but they need to be practiced after listening to one’s own body.

A few Yoga poses that can help curb Arthritis related discomforts are listed below:

Vrikshaasana (Tree Pose)

As the name suggests, a Vrikshaasana is done with one foot placed high on the thigh and knee pointing straight to the side like a tree. To be able to do this pose effectively, one must understand their hip-opening capacity and central balance. This Yoga pose will help enhance coordination and balance.

Setu Bandhana Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

Bridge pose helps rejuvenate, restore and energize the body. It helps stretch the neck, chest, and spine, Improves digestion, brings down stress, helps deal with high blood pressure, asthma, sinusitis, menstrual disorders etc.

Mritasana (Corpse Pose)

Corpse pose is all about conscious relaxation of every muscle in our body. With savasana, we teach our body how to relax one muscle at a time and our mind to relax one thought at a time. This is why it helps relieve stress and improves the emotional well-being of the person. It is a means to reset our body and mind while relaxing on the floor. 

Apart from these, there are a lot more poses that can help with the condition which needs to be discussed with the Yoga practitioner before moving on to it.

Weight Loss Treatment With Ayurveda

In a generation where passionate diets and quick fixes dominate the weight loss industry, Ishani Ayurveda stands out as the best Ayurveda weight loss treatment in Kerala. Our traditional method of treating weight loss results in the profound relationship between the mind, body, and spirit and goes beyond the surface level.

The basic thing of Ayurveda is balance: balancing each dosha, or the body’s distinct constitution, to enhance general health. Excess weight is generally linked to an imbalance in one or more doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), according to Ayurvedic beliefs. Our professionals diagnose and thoroughly analyse patients to determine the underlying imbalances, then customise treatment programs to bring the body back into balance.

The Five Methods for Losing Weight:

Ishani Ayurveda provide five essential components into its comprehensive Ayurveda weight loss strategy:

Dietary Modifications:

We think that food is medicine, and people can improve their digestion and metabolism by matching their diet. In order to support weight loss objectives while nourishing the body from the inside out, our nutritionists create customised meal plans that are high in natural foods, herbs, and spices.

Herbal Therapies:

Using the effective herbs found in nature, Ayurveda promotes weight loss and improves metabolic function. Ayurveda herbs for weight loss, which include guggul and triphala, are carefully chosen to target particular imbalances and encourage fat metabolism without causing negative side effects like those found in artificial pills. These herbs act as the best ayurvedic fat burners in weight loss.

Lifestyle Changes:

Achieving and maintaining a healthy ayurveda weight loss treatment depends on variables other than diet and herbs. By means of mindfulness exercises, stress reduction strategies, and mindful movement classes like
yoga, we enable people to develop a comprehensive approach to well-being.


Ayurveda weight loss treatment places great emphasis on the need to rid the body of ama, or accumulated toxins. We assist in the removal of toxins from the body through gentle detox treatments like Panchakarma, which opens the door for improved metabolic function and revitalised energy.

Mind-Body Connection:

Understanding the close relationship between the mind and body is fundamental to Ayurvedic philosophy. We promote mental clarity and emotional balance through techniques like aromatherapy, pranayama, and meditation, which enables people to break free from emotional eating patterns and develop healthy relationships with food.

We at Ishani Ayurveda are committed to providing individualised care and holistic healing, which is what makes us unique. Unlike other methods, our practitioners customise treatment regimens that address the underlying cause of weight gain and encourage long-lasting transformation by taking the time to understand each patient’s unique constitution, medical history, and lifestyle circumstances in ayurveda weight loss treatment journey.

The understanding of the close relationship between the mind and body is essential to Ayurveda weight loss treatment. Stress, unfavourable thought patterns, and emotional eating can all lead to weight gain and undermine attempts at weight management. Ayurveda understands the critical role lifestyle factors play in reaching and sustaining a healthy weight, in addition to diet and herbal remedies.

Lifestyles, stress, and sleep deprivation can all impede weight loss efforts and cause weight gain. Ayurvedic practitioners aim to establish a comprehensive framework for permanent ayurveda weight loss treatment that goes well beyond the physical domain.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, dynamic forces that regulate each person’s particular constitution and affect their physical and mental characteristics lays the foundation of Ayurvedic philosophy. Ayurvedic medicine states that imbalances in these doshas can cause weight gain and other health problems. Ayurvedic practitioners determine the prevalent dosha through individualised examination and diagnosis, then customise treatment strategies to promote maximum health and restore balance in your ayurveda weight loss treatment.

There are people who turned to Ishani after years of struggling with excess weight and failed attempts through conventional diet plans. Our beloved clients are now a big part of our foundation. A journey of self discovery, balance and lasting transformation. Let’s listen to our testimonials> 

At Ishani, Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala, we think that internal healing is the source of true healing. Through respecting Ayurvedic wisdom and acknowledging the mind-body-spirit connection, we lead people on a life-changing path to robust health and sustained ayurveda weight loss treatment.

Ishani Ayurveda weight loss treatment, Kerala provides a comprehensive and long-term strategy for reaching and keeping a healthy balanced weight. Ayurvedic practitioners inspire people to regain their vitality, restore balance, and begin a transforming path towards holistic well-being by addressing the underlying imbalances of the body, mind, and spirit. With Ayurveda, enduring change is possible because wellness is a way of life rather than a goal. Say goodbye to short cures and hello to lasting transformation:)