Postnatal Care in Ayurveda


The entire cycle of Pregnancy till delivering a child is life-altering for a woman. Through the span of nine months, she experiences physical, emotional, hormonal and psychological changes. Even after delivery, no preparations and advice are enough to get accustomed to the changes a new mother’s body and mind goes through. Postnatal Care in Ayurveda is a specialized treatment plan formulated while keeping both physiological and psychological wellness post-delivery in check.

While giving birth, especially during natural birth, a lot of blood and fluid is lost from a woman’s body. Not to mention the enormous amount of physical pain and stress women go through on D-Day. After taking the body through a whirlwind of emotional and physical labour, it becomes weak and delicate and needs a proper amount of rest and healing from within. Post-delivery treatment in Ayurveda is a customized plan to ensure nourishment of the new mother inside out.

Post-delivery care for the mother needs to be given in order to let her regain strength and lead the body towards a faster recovery. Ayurvedic care, with its holistic approach, is safe and effective for both the mother and child, which provides healing for all one’s life. Ayurvedic postnatal care includes treatments that help in restoring the lost fluid and blood during childbirth, improve metabolism, boost digestion while countering Vata imbalance to help with lactation as well as gain complete recovery.

With the body going through turmoil with emotions being scattered all over the place, it can trigger an unexpected state of mind, which is fondly termed as ‘baby blues’. Most new mothers experience baby blues that include mood swings, anxiety, unstoppable crying, sleep disorders etc., which is a temporary condition and usually gets through the condition within a few months. Persisting cases of emotional upheaval may need to be addressed properly as it may be an indication of a much serious issue called ‘post-partum depression.

How to treat postpartum depression?

Ayurveda refers to post-partum depression as SoothikaVishada. Ayurvedic treatment approach is known as ‘SoothikaParichaya’. With the restricted diet and lifestyle, a new mother has to follow post-pregnancy, Vata vitiation happens during the postnatal period, hence the treatment is focused on Vata pacifying diet and medications.

After delivery, it is during the initial forty-two days when the new mother and child bond together. It is also the period where the mother needs enough rest to recuperate from the emotional and physical upheaval. Women who fall into post-partum depression ends up being unable to bond with the newborn, which becomes a matter of remorse once they recover from the issue. Post-delivery care in Kerala with the goodness of holistic care helps new mothers in regaining physical and emotional balance.

At times, there are chances of women going into depression while experiencing extreme physical pain and emotional turmoil. With Ayurvedic treatment, postnatal depression can be brought under control before it spirals out of control. Post-delivery care in Ayurveda with expert guidance helps a woman get through the issues.

According to Ayurvedic classics, during the treatment of postnatal depression, the prime focus is on healing. Balancing the Vatadosha, rejuvenation of shukradhathu / reproductive tissues and encouraging healthy channels of Lactation called StanyaVahaSrotas. Thus, the treatment ensures a healthy mother and helps ease the bonding between mother and child.

Ayurvedic approach to Post-partum healing

Ayurveda understands the need for postnatal depression treatment to be simple, as the primary concern when it comes to a new mother is bonding with the newborn and getting enough rest. Simple physical practices for the mind and body along with herbal medicines to support can guarantee rapid healing from the condition.

Post-delivery care of mother is a routine that can help women in managing the condition in an orderly manner while considering a few things that can help them overcome depression and lay a strong foundation for the family.

With a newborn whose routines tend to shift rapidly, the new mothers will be facing difficulty in keeping a tab on their own requirements. In postnatal care, it is advised to perform deep breathing or simple meditation to help keep herself grounded.

●Aahara (Diet)
Keeping a properly balanced and nourishing diet is essential in postnatal care for mother. Avoid raw foods, as well as dry and crunchy food items that elevate Vatadosha. Attention needs to be given to the intake of Ojas-building food like shakes with dates and whole milk to support lactation. Keeping oneself hydrated by sipping warm water is highly beneficial.

●Herbal Massages / Abhyanga
Warm herbal oil massages are an essential part of post-delivery care in Ayurveda. Abhyanga is restorative in nature where they help relax the body, pacify the tired muscles, prevent stretch marks and support healing. The after-bath with herb-infused, warm water is as relaxing and rejuvenating for the body, and it enhances physical strength too.

●Breastfeeding Support
The ayurvedic treatment after delivery in Kerala is considered incomplete if unaccompanied by guidance and support on nurturing breastfeeding practices. Ayurveda advises a regular intake of herbal tea made of Fennel and Fenugreek to boost milk production. Regular breast massages using herbal oils are also included to enrich the mammary gland and its functions.

In post-delivery care for mother, it is essential to catch up on sleep as much as possible to deal with the fatigue and tiredness. Make sure to eat healthily and on time to gather strength to keep up with the newborn’s schedule. Take hot-water baths to relieve nerves and relax the body. Relieve the body of natural urges as soon as it is felt. Never hold back on urine.

Benefits of Postnatal Care

●The postnatal care Ayurveda with physical and mental therapies help regain muscle strength which helps reduce lower back pain.
●With a properly managed lifestyle in place, and assistance from herbal medications, metabolism and digestion improve, which promotes weight loss.
●Post-delivery care helps prepare the body for proper lactation.
●Pigmentation due to hormonal variation is effectively managed and help provide a vivid glimmer to the skin.

Bringing a new life into the world is no easy feat, and the mother knows best. However, strong support extended by the family can help the new mother unwind herself, and find her own space to self-heal and gather enough strength and emotional stability. With the support of experienced doctors and practitioners, we provide the best postnatal care in Ayurveda Kerala.

With a proven track record in healing, Ishani Ayurveda stands tall as one of the best postnatal care center in Kerala. Our doctors help you with an appropriate diet plan and recommend healthy changes in your lifestyle that can balance your body and mind.

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