Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc

Slipped DiscA slipped disc is a spinal disc that shifts out of its original position. This causes extreme pain due to compression of the nerves and can result in severe muscular spasms. Ayurveda Treatment for Slip disc is a widely accepted approach in terms of treating patients and in their recovery.

Any kind of weakness or injury is the most prominent reason for that protruding disc that is leading to so much agony. A slip disc which is also known as disc herniation is a common condition that affects the intervertebral discs of the spinal column.

Slip disc is one of the many conditions that can affect the spinal column, others can include thinning discs, degenerative discs, or bulging discs.


Causes of Slip Disc

The reasons for a slip disc will be different from patient to patient. The doctor will examine the person to conclude the exact root cause of the problem. In Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc is connected with the following causes:

– Aging: The disc can become weak with age and the inner portion may expand outwards. This is called disc degeneration.

– Incorrect Posture While Lifting Objects: The load of the heavy object will directly affect the disc and can lead to slip disc or disc               prolapse.

– Obesity: Obese people require additional muscle strength to support their bodies. This is another cause for slip disc and disc                   prolapse.

– Fall or Shock: Fall or shock can impact the disc area directly, and can cause slip disc. It will damage the exterior strong portion of the    disc.

– People with weak bones, smokers, tall people, and those in high-stress jobs are more prone.

Signs and symptoms if you need Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc in Kerala

– If the disc is the only tissue injured, then no pain or little pain
– Pain will radiate into the regions served by affected nerve roots
– Undefined pains in the thighs, knees, or feet
– Numbness, tingling, and affection of reflexes
– The pain usually is continuous or at least is in a specific position of the body

Bringing the Body Back Into Balance with the Ayurvedic treatment for Slip Disc in Kerala

In Ayurveda slipped discs are attributed to an imbalance of the Vata element, the element comprised of air and ether.

This imbalance disturbs the body’s natural equilibrium which causes the pain associated with a slipped disc.

Slip disc ayurvedic treatment in Kerala not only addresses this imbalance of Vata but also help to restore functional spinal strength and helps in recovering the nerve damage. This results in relief from the muscular pain and spasms that are associated with a slip disc treatment in Ayurveda.

There are many highly effective Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc that can be used to treat and heal a herniated or bulging disc. They not only cure the issue of the slipped disc but also promote the health of joints by increasing circulation.

Ayurvedic medicine for slip disc treatment

Our rich and diverse heritage has answers to all the ailments and physical problems that we suffer today. The thousands of years old ayurvedic scriptures provide a detailed insight into Ayurveda Treatment for slip disc.

– The treatment of slip disc ayurvedic treatment in Kerala comprises detoxification and rejuvenation through AyurvedicPanchakarma therapy.

– The therapies like Abhyangaswedam, Nasyam, ChoornaPindaswedam, Shirodhara, Kadivasthi, Greevavasthi, Vasti, etc. are done as per the necessity and requirement.

– Ayurvedic medicine for slip disc treatment comprises herbal tablets, capsules, decoctions, and oils.

– Abhyanga therapy can also be applied through the use of various medicated oils.

– Shodhana therapy, which helps to detoxify the body, is also a recommended course of treatment for Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc.

Usually, the period of Kerala ayurvedic treatment for slip discs ranges from 2 – 3 weeks according to the severity of the disease. These applications remain very effective in providing relief to patients suffering from back pain and the various symptoms of slipped discs.

The complete course of ayurvedic treatment in Kerela for slip disc would be prepared only after analyzing the physical condition, the status or severity of doshas, family history, and other relevant aspects by the panel of doctors at the clinic.

Some Bonus Healthy Tips for the Ayurveda Treatment For Slip Disc in Kerala

– Keep a check on weight: As we all know, being overweight increases the risk of a slipped disc as the pressure on the lower back will be more. In order to reduce the pressure, maintain optimal levels of body weight.

– Maintain a good form while exercising or lifting anything heavy: If you are exercising or lifting something heavy, make sure to keep your lower back straight. As lifting heavy weights without proper form may lead to slipped disc.

– Do not sit for prolonged periods: Sitting for a prolonged duration of time may cause problems in your lower back and posture. It may weaken the lower back muscles and lead to complications.

– Practice meditation & relaxation such as yoga Nidra&Shavasana.

The slip disc ayurvedictreatment in Kerala pursued by Ishani Ayurveda has been formulated after years of exhaustive research and analysis based on the ayurvedic scriptures. Therefore, the efficacy of the treatment is guaranteed. You can consult our experienced Ayurveda doctors to know more about the ailment and the course of treatment.

We derive a treatment process and course after examining each and every patient only. Rather than advising the same course of medication and diet control for each patient. The customized ayurvedic treatment for slip disc will remove the ailment completely and re-energize the person completely, to perform all the duties as earlier.

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