Anemia Treatment in Ayurveda

What is Anaemia in Ayurvedic terms?


Anemia is described as a decrease in the number of red blood cells or a decrease in the quantity of hemoglobin in the blood, which results in a drop in oxygen in the blood due to a decrease in the number of hemoglobin molecules that bind to oxygen. Anemia can be categorized into several types based on the underlying reason.

If bleeding occurs anywhere on the body, the cause should be determined first, and the bleeding should be stopped. In the case of a diet-related insufficiency, iron-rich foods should be consumed. Green leaves (sting netle, parsley, green onion, coriander, spinach, rocket leaf…), dried organic fruit (apricot, figs, grapes), almonds, molasses, honey, and fat-free red meat are also good choices. When you’re sick, you can eat more of these foods.

Adding black cumin (which is vital in iron) to sugarcane sugar desserts can assist (especially in liver patients). Fresh apple juice and pomegranate juice (vital in vitamin C and helps with iron absorption) should be consumed. Fruit juices should be eaten on an empty stomach, with no food for the next 1 to 1.5 hours. Anemia Treatment in Ayurveda in Kerala focuses on treating the root cause so that the disease won’t occur again.

Causes of Anemia

Anemia is a complicated disorder that can develop due to a variety of direct medical or physical factors or as a side effect of another disease. Several different factors can cause anemia. It’s possible that RBC manufacturing will be hampered. It could be at the level of proliferation and differentiation or the level of maturity. Here are a few examples:

● It could be caused to a lack of RBC formation.
● Anaemia caused by a family member
● Renal failure causes a decrease in erythropoietin production.
● Endocrine disorders are a group of diseases that affect the body’s hormones.
● Deficiency in vitamin B-12
● Deficiency in folic acid
● Anemia due to a lack of iron
● It could occur as a result of excessive RBC destruction.
● Anaemia can develop due to excessive blood loss caused by a medical condition or an injury.

Some of the root causes of anemia, according to anemia
Nutrient deficits are caused by vikirita pitta, or pitta (the fire element) flowing in an aberrant direction, according to Ayurveda. As a result, anaemia is caused by a malfunction in the body’s fire element rather than a food lack. The following are some of the factors that contribute to this condition:
Consumption of sour and salty foods in excess
Excessive physical activity
Naturally, you’ll need to do more than eat foods high in iron or vitamin B12 to address these issues. The following are some home remedies that address all of the disease’s causes:

Foods that are salty, sour, or spicy should be avoided.
These foods produce nutritional deficits by directing pitta on an incorrect path.
● Use nature’s medication to your advantage.
Certain plants in nature can assist in alleviating the symptoms of anemia. Neem and tulsi are two of the best examples. Iron is abundant in neem. On the other hand, Tulsi is high in iron and vitamin C, a vitamin that aids in iron absorption.

Have some milk with anjeer
Because anjeer is high in iron, it is used as a home treatment to boost haemoglobin levels in the blood. It is suggested that you boil pieces of anjeer and cardamom in milk and consume them before bed. This should be done twice a week at the very least.

The best time to eat ghee is in the morning empty stomach
The pitta dosha is balanced with ghee. As a result, it focuses on the source of anaemia, which is an exacerbated pitta. On an empty stomach, 10 cc of ghee should be consumed first thing in the morning.

Consume food prepared with iron utensils.
This is a time-honored method. Food in an iron utensil absorbs iron from the utensil, making it useful for anemic patients.

Have the suitable fruits and veggies on hand.
Anemic patients can benefit from some fruits and vegetables as supplements. Folic acid is abundant in beetroot, for example. Iron is abundant in pomegranates and apples. Take vitamin C-rich fruits as well, as these aid iron absorption.

Anemia is when the body’s agni is out of equilibrium. It causes a reduction in hemoglobin levels. A few home treatments for Anemia are included within. If anemia is not treated, the chances of developing issues affecting the heart and lungs increase. Amla and red beetroot juice reactivates red blood cells and replenishes oxygen levels in the body. An apple is a healthy snack to eat throughout the day if you have anemia. In Ayurveda, anemia is known as PANDU. The imbalance of Agni, the digestive fire, is at the foundation of anemia’s pathophysiology, which eventually leads to the production of ama. Pitta, which circulates throughout the body, causes this disruption. The hemoglobin count in a person’s blood drops below the usual amount of 15 grams per 100 millilitres of blood. Shortness of breath, tiredness, and weakness are all symptoms. In addition, heart palpitations are common.

Home remedies for anemia

● 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek (methi) seeds, soaked overnight. In a pressure cooker, combine these with a handful of rice and simmer. Season with salt to taste. For a month, eat methi rice every day.

● Combine half a cup of apple juice with chukandar (beet) juice. Stir in a tsp of the honey well. This juice should be consumed twice a day.

● Soak black sesame (til) seeds for 2 hours in warm water. Make a paste with it and add honey or jaggery (gur). Mix thoroughly. Please put it in a glass of milk and drink it every day.

● Fresh pomegranate (anar) should be consumed regularly.It boosts the body’s supply of red blood cells.

● Apples have a variety of health-promoting characteristics and are an excellent snack to have on hand throughout the day.

● Every day, eat two bananas. It aids in the synthesis of hemoglobin in the bloodstream.

● Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and red beet juice should be combined. It should be consumed daily. It strengthens the body, reactivates red blood cells, and replenishes oxygen levels in the body.


  •  Is Triphala capable of curing anemia?

            This herbal combo has all treated microbial infections, constipation, anemia, weariness, TB, pneumonia, STDs, and other                              ailments. Triphala has also been shown to help albino rats repair surgical wounds.

  • Is ginger tea beneficial in the anemia treatment in Ayurveda in Kerala?
    As an antioxidant, ginger aids in the reduction of oxidative stress induced by allopathic iron supplements15. Ginger was discovered to aid in iron absorption and be helpful as a supplement in treating anaemia. On the recommendation of their doctors, pregnant women and gallstone patients take ginger supplements.
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