Ayurveda Treatment for Depression


Ayurveda Treatment for Depression

Certain individuals might encounter a deficiency of interest, trouble and sadness for a nonstop period of time, which is classified as depression. It can have negative outcomes on mental and physical wellbeing of the patient. Ayurveda treatment for stress and anxiety in Kerala depends on an all-encompassing methodology – through the way of life, diet, and herbal remedies. Needless to say, ayurvedic treatment for depression is best for a long term solution.

What is Depression?

An emotional problem that causes a constant sensation of sadness and loss of interest,Depression is likewise called major depressive disorder or clinical depression. It influences how you feel, think and act and can prompt an assortment of emotional as well as physical issues. Difficulty in doing typical everyday exercises and in some cases, feeling life is not worth living are some of the major and serious effects of depression.

Feeling somewhat sad, restless and worried in specific conditions is normal for anyone. In any case, the issue begins when things get broadened and might end up breaking one’s mental health. Extended pressure can prompt tension. It may result in sleeping disorders,which can likewise make the way for a large group of mental and physical diseases.Depression goes beyond an episode or a wave of sadness. It might require long treatment but the majority of patients feel better with medicine, psychotherapy or both. Since anxiety, depression and stress are interrelated, knowing how to cure stress and anxiety is no less beneficial than stress and depression treatment in Ayurveda.


For some people, depression might happen for just a single period during their life, but others might have many episodes. During these episodes, signs occur in a vast majority.

They may include:

– sensations of misery, sorrow,  void or sadness

– furious outburst considerably over little matters

– loss of interest or delight in most activities

– dozing excessively

– laziness

– decreased hunger and weight reduction or expanded food cravings and weight gain

– anxiety

– restlessness

– slowed reasoning, talking or body developments

– focusing on past disappointments or self-fault

– feeling unworthy

– lack of concentration

– recurrent thoughts of suicide, actions relating to self harm or suicide attempts

– unexplained physical issues like migraines or back pain

Patients of depression face effects which are sufficiently serious to make observable issues in day-to-day life. Certain individuals might feel hopeless or sad without really knowing why.

Symptoms in Teens & Children:

Symptoms of depression in teens and children are different in a few ways from adults.

– In children before teenage, symptoms include sorrow, self pity, clinginess, stress, pain, declining to go to class, or being underweight.

– In teenagers, symptoms include feeling sad and useless, outrage, terrible participation at school, feeling misjudged and incredibly delicate,   utilizing sporting medications or liquor, eating or resting excessively, self-hurt, less/no interest in ordinary exercises, and no social collaboration.


Symptoms in Older Adults:

Depression is not a disorder which comes along with getting old. Sadly because of this misunderstanding, depression regularly goes undiscovered and untreated in elders and they might feel hesitant to look for help.

Symptoms of depression in elders might be unique or more subtle.

– memory troubles or character changes

– actual throbs or agony

– tiredness, rest issues

– loss of appetite

– less socializing and decreased going out

– suicidal sentiments, particularly in men

Ayurveda and Depression

If you are also asking – how to treat severe depression, how to cure stress and anxiety naturally, how to relieve stress and depression naturally; then Ayurveda is your apt answer. Ayurveda does not only deal with issues of the body, but of the mind and soul too. Subsequently, it has an exceptional point of view to expected answers for the world’s rising mental health deterioration. Today, problems like stress, anxiety and depression affect a large population of the world for a long time. Ayurveda offers an ensured regular solution for battling all of these three ailments and it’s medicines furthermore add on benefits. Ayurvedic treatment for stress and anxiety helps in soothing insomnia, digestion and ensures a good state of mind. However, patients are expected to keep a regular everyday practice and diet in order to cure depression from the root.

An individual’s mental health depends upon operational factors like sattva, tamas and rajas,which have a premier effect on our emotions and mind. Some changes can be made to these three elements via lifestyle, diet, herbs and actions in order to rejuvenate them and keep our mind at pace.

How to Cure Chronic Stress Naturally

Stress treatment in Ayurveda sounds complicated but is quite simple. From Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas – the Prana Vata, Sadhaka Pitta, and Tarpaka Kapha are connected to the mind and hence, they are the ones to be treated. Ayurveda treatment for stress and depression incorporates day by day wellbeing routines that assist with eliminating toxins from the body, which then triggers the regular energy flow in the body. Treatment will also allow you to follow a healthy and pure diet. It will further assist you with carrying on with an amicable way of life. Dosha imbalance prompts problems in an individual’s mental health. Ayurveda treatment for depression helps balance the doshas and settles the psychological wellness of the patient too. Here are a few remedies that can help to reinforce doshas that are associated with the brain:

– Meditate and practice Yoga on a daily basis

– Avoid overpressuring and overusing your mind and body

– Sleep well

– Try detoxification and rejuvenation procedures

Know More!

Is there any medicine for anxiety in Ayurveda?

Ashwagandha is one of the best herbs being used for more than 3000 years to treat various ailments, including anxiety.

What herbs are good for stress relief?

The following herbs are well known for stress relief. It is advised not to mix them.

– Lavender

– Ashwagandha

– Valerian Root

– Holy basil

– Chamomile

– Brahmi

– Passion flower

How to relieve mental stress?

– Meditate

– Organize

– Practice Yoga

– Keep your diet healthy

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