Ayurvedic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease is an inner ear problem. This is a disorder that occurs in a single ear only and upon progression, it can cause loss of hearing. This problem can be extremely uncomfortable and painful requiring prompt treatment before it progresses. One can opt for Ayurvedic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease to decrease conditions. The Ayurveda Treatment for inner ear problems is reliable and safe without side effects ensuring a complete solution.

Symptoms of Meniere’s Diseases

Various symptoms give hints about Meniere’s disease. These include:
1. Vertigo occurs frequently
Spinning sensation and shaking of the surroundings constitute vertigo. This can stretch up to certain hours at a time and occur frequently in short durations.
2. Nausea and Vomiting
3. Presence of constant noise in the ear
The slight sound of buzzing, ringing, roaring or whistling caused in the ear might subsequently lead to a diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease.
4. Feeling pressure in the ear
Anyone who has Meniere’s disease can feel fullness in the ear as if pressure is developed and stuck.
5. Fluctuation of hearing loss
At times, the affected ear might feel a complete loss of hearing for short durations. If not treated immediately, this can cause a permanent loss of hearing.

Appropriate Ayurvedic treatment of Meniere’s disease can help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

What are the causes of Meniere’s Disease?

Meniere’s disease has no concrete starting point that gives us the root cause to work on. Any specific problem already existing can cause this disease on its elevation. Some of those causes include:
1. Allergies
2. Trauma to the head
3. Diet conditions
4. Migraine
5. Viral infection
6. Genetic problem
7. Immune response abnormality
8. Improper fluid drainage
In all these cases, it is clear that any type of infection or allergy can hit on the ear system and can cause symptoms of Meniere’s disease. It can be caused by extreme migraine and trauma if left untreated for a long period. Meniere’s disease Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala- India can help treat these symptoms and causes to sort out the uncomfortable effects of the disease.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

After looking at the uncertain degrees of Meniere’s disease, no concrete medicine is available that can cure this. But Ayurveda medicine for ear balance problems and Meniere’s disease ayurveda treatment is available to treat the severity of symptoms.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Meniere’s Disease

There are many medicines and herbs available in Ayurveda that treats the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. These include:
1. Brahmi
2. Ashwagandha
3. Vacha
4. Shankhpushpi
5. Mulethi

A combination of these herbs and medicines works on managing:
1. inner ear fluid collection,
2. pains,
3. vertigo frequency,
4. nausea,
5. mental fatigue,
6. anxiety,
7. ear pressure,
8. ringing sound, and so on.

With these ayurvedic medicines for Meniere’s disease, the overall mental health of the individual improves. It strengthens the nerves of the ears to handle normal functionalities. The decrease in the symptoms with Ayurvedic Treatment of Meniere’s Disease means moving towards a better life.

Meniere’s Disease Ayurvedic Treatment

Apart from medicines and herbs, Ayurvedic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease involves a good balance of lifestyle and panchakarma therapy. According to Ayurveda, our body generated toxins based on poor lifestyle choices and dietary practices. These toxins in large amounts might attack any vulnerable system in the body including the ear. Panchakarma therapy is considered the best solution here.

Panchakarma therapy includes:

1. Oil deep-tissue Massage
2. Detoxification by Fomentation
3. Dietary balance and healthy consumption
4. Lifestyle altering with time management of sleep and food
5. Nasal Administrations

It has the following benefits:
1. deep cleansing of tissues
2. toxins removal through oil massages and sweating practices
3. Stress and anxiety reduction
4. Balancing of body, mind and consciousness

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Why is Ayurvedic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease, the best choice?

Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala, India is based on years-old practices of healthy and safe natural methodologies. In Ayurveda, treatment is chosen after the root cause is diagnosed. The system of the body deeply affected is provided the treatment over weeks and months. This dissipates the problems by reducing symptoms first.
Ayurvedic Treatment of Meniere’s Disease is safe and guaranteed to bring some relief to all. No chemicals are employed, and no artificial products are introduced. Ayurvedic Treatment of Meniere’s Disease requires no-risk treatment with no side effects. Hence, natural herbs and medicinal plants are utilized in the treatment plan.
It has been realized that, for the successful Ayurvedic Treatment of Meniere’s Disease there is a need for a drastic shift in lifestyle.
1. Dietary: low salt diet and healthy meals help the ayurveda treatment to work well.
2. Rests: Vertigo is draining mentally and physically. Taking rests after episodes to gain strength back is best. Give the rest to your eyes and ears.
3. Take a seat: Do not keep standing for long periods in case nausea and vomiting cause weakness and vertigo making you collapse.
4. Careful handling: Losing balance is common in vertigo and handling it safely would prevent further elevating of the problem.
5. Avoid machinery or driving: These symptoms are enough to make your tiredness increase. Avoid any hard physical labor, driving, or operating machinery.

At Ishani Ayurveda, you can avail of holistic treatment for Meniere’s disease with effective results. Reach out for treatment today.

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