My name is Saroja. I'm from West Malaysia. I'm here in Ishani Ayurvedic Yoga Heritage Centre for Panchakarma treatment. I came here with some issues in my skin issues and also I have some stomach bloating issues and all this has been clear with the Panchakarma treatment and I should thank, Ishani Ayurvedic Yoga Heritage Centre for giving me this rejuvenation. It's not only rejuvenation from external, physical but also inside and outside. There are five types of treatment included in this Panchakarma and I have experienced it and it's worked well for me. I am 53 years old. I'm from West Malaysia. My name is Saruja. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
My name is Lyuda and I'm from Ukraine. I just accidentally found this hospital and I went through a conversation today. I went through yoga and relaxation treatment. I feel super relaxed and by, not by incident, but I could really go into the meditation with less thought in my heart. Highly recommend this Hospital.
Hi, I am Prem from Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu). I have had trigeminal neuralgia and chronic pain in my face for 4 years. I went to many hospitals but did not recover. Finally, after 9 days of treatment at Ishani Ayurveda in Munnar, surgery was recommended as a solution. After completing my treatment, I was completely cured and my pain was completely gone. I am fully satisfied doctors, and staff provided very professional hospitality. All medicines are Ayurvedic without any side effects. Special thanks to Dr Sinu and staffs. Thank you very much.
Prem Mohan
Cuddalore, Tamilnadu
Hi, my name's Lucy, I'm from London, England, and I've been at Ishani Ayurveda doing a 14 days panchakarma treatment. We have practiced yoga every morning and had two treatments every day as well as pranayama and meditation and I'm feeling so much better. I feel that the issues that Icame with have really started to improve and all of the staff were very helpful and professional and thank you to everybody who has contributed while I've been here. Thank you.
Lucy Walsh
UK - London
Shukai Kono
Mayumi Kono
Penelope Baatz
"Hi, my name is Catherine, I'm from Belgium and I'm 42 years old I came to Ishani Ayurveda because I am also studying ayurveda and I came to meet Dr sinu which is amazing that has a huge knowledge of so many things that I would like to spend more time here to learn better so it just turned that finally not only learning but also I took some treatments here to heal my body that is getting older so I feel like after this two weeks of treatments that are very like suited that's what I keep the most in my heart is the fact that the treatment is adapted to my Constitution to my imbalances and I feel like maybe younger more rejuvenated or I feel that I discovered also some treatment that I didn't know and I didn't study so yeah I feel I think maybe rejuvenated and I'm so happy that I came here because it's also in nature and I was looking for advice place in full nature so this is amazing.".
Ms.Catherine Nicole
My name is Gabriela.I've been in Ishani Ayurveda for 10 days doing detox, Panchakarma treatment and herbal bathing.It's been amazing.We really enjoyed also the the beautiful views from our room and it's just been amazing, the doctor. We're a little bit of information.Also did some yoga classes which were very nice for my back problems as well That helps pretty much. And the girls working doing treatments are also great. We really enjoy and recommend anyone that wants to do an ayurveda treatment to come for sure. Thank you very much.
Ms. Shalini Ms Gabriela De Abreu Perez
Hello, my name is Claudia, I'm from Spain and I've been in Ishani Ayurveda for 10 days. I've been doing a long treatment of detox. Panchakarma and Shirodhara. I've got very strong and it's been going very well. And Doctor Sinu is a very good professional. She's been worrying about me for all these days and all the stuff is very very very nice and they do very good work also. So I highly recommend this place.
Ms.Claudia De Abreu Perez
My name is Gabriela.I've been in Ishani Ayurveda for 10 days doing detox, Panchakarma treatment and herbal bathing.It's been amazing.We really enjoyed also the the beautiful views from our room and it's just been amazing, the doctor. We're a little bit of information.Also did some yoga classes which were very nice for my back problems as well That helps pretty much. And the girls working doing treatments are also great. We really enjoy and recommend anyone that wants to do an ayurveda treatment to come for sure. Thank you very much.
Ms. Shalini Ms Gabriela De Abreu Perez
"Hi, I Surendara from Cuddappa, Since many years I have ear issues, Tinnitus, hearing sounds from my ears, Then for treatment, I searched many hospitals for my cure. Finally end up in Ishani Ayurveda at Kerala near Munnar finally arrived here. The treatment scheduled for 21 days the treatment was excellent and good. Lot of changes and improvement in my ear. At present I feel much good and my issues since many years changed. At present my mind is so free and relaxed.I'm perfect and much good now. I request and recommend to all people's whoever has any health issues. If any has tinnitus problem, please visit and get treated at Ishani Ayurveda whoever comes will get cured completely. Treatment is very good and excellent. I'm saying you to all, visit Ishani Ayurveda. Get treated for your ailments, get cured and treatment is so good. I'm so much happy now. My tinnitus problem got cured, much relaxed and happy. Ishani Ayurveda is very good for all your problems".
Andra Pradesh
"I recommend it a lot because always is incredible like the oil I like the oil you know I think it's the oil because we don't I don't see and all is perfect, I'm going to I'm ready to finish my travel now it's okay yeah um".
Reunion Island
"massage with a medicated steam bath the six minute one and it was amazing yeah it was very relaxing um I hadn't had a massage in years and that was that was probably one of the best massages yeah we have leather and oils and it's just yeah it's so Sarah and your whole body is covered in the massage it's amazing yeah and it goes by really quickly 60 Minutes in the 90 minutes um and the steam the medicated steam bath so that was with essential oils right yeah yeah so it was great it was like a big boxed like sauna but your head was out of it so you weren't exhausted like an irregular sauna and you could just feel absolutely fine because yeah your head was out of it so no it's very nice it was beautiful I loved it 10 out of 10.okay".
Alice & Sebastian
New Zealand
"Hi, I'm Bettina, I'm 59 years old, and I'm very glad to be here for 3 weeks because this is really the clinic I was looking for, the real Indian clinic and not resorts and Ayurvedic spa. So I came here for my joints articulation, sinusitis and some rejuvenation and actually I'm very satisfied with the services and the doctor is very comfortable and meticulous, what is also fantastic is that the hospital that means the house with its roof is right on the river in the region of Munnar. With papaya trees, banana trees, and Coffee trees with the gorgeous river is just a fantastic place and the tea plantations are everywhere upthere in the mountain. So I really recommend this place.".
Megan JMs.Bettinaones
Brussels, Belgium
"Hi, I'm Dr Elizabeth McIntosh and I'm here in India in Munnar actually in South India at the Ishani Ayurveda Center checked in as an outpatient for a few days because I had major things that I was dealing with after three days of being an outpatient I decided to check in as an inpatient and actually stay here to have the holistic immersion and give myself the opportunity to really heal while I was here and take full advantage of this wonderful Center I finished my treatment yesterday and I can say that I feel that there's a definite shift plates that I came in with are gone there's a sense of complete Wellness that I feel now that all these different ailments that I had have actually cleared away I have less mind fog I have my body feels healthy and clean and I feel a Vitality the type of treatments they have here are fully ayurvedic treatments so they range from massage to herbal oils to shuradhara which is pouring of the oils many many treatments meditation yoga even teaching you how to manage yourself after you leave the center which is so vital and important obviously die is an important part so definitely giving you key factors of how to keep your body and your mind at its premium through dive as well as an in guest if you like you receive three really nutritious meals a day so you don't even have to worry about your meals I've even started to lose weight so that is even more of a bonus this is a place I'd highly recommend for anyone that has any ailments or just want to have you know complete physical wellness and health again physical spiritual emotional any of them for all of them anyone that even doesn't have an element that just wants to get healthy and clean back on track feel good about themselves and better about life".
Dr Elizabeth McIntosh
Queensland, Australia
"Hello, my name is Megan Jones and Iam from Cape Town in South Africa. And this is my first Ayurvedic treatment and it has been wonderful experience, I feel very very relaxed and the therapist help me with my shoulder and my neck and I would highly recommend this experience. Thank you".
Megan Jones
Cape Town South Africa
"Hi everyone, Namaste, Swastika, Assalamualaikum, I'm Valentina Manduki, I'm from Italy, I just finished my days here in Ishani Heritage Ayurveda and Yoga, I'm so happy, I could find them because this is my 10th year in India and every time I just took you know some Ayurveda treatments just for brief while here I could experience the beautiful nature of Kerala, the true essence of Ayurveda. So I did some specific massages, Shirodhara, beautiful beauty treatments, and what I like them most is that atmosphere is super familiar, the staff is great, the doctors really follow you, they take so much time to know which kind of treatment is best for you and I found amazing patients also here from Europe and from India. So I hardly suggested to come here and experience the true Ayurveda in the beautiful Kerala."
Valentina Manduchi
"I Sat down with the doctor and discussed some of the things I had concerns with really on and she put together and she had planned for me and defined which I would recommend and what come for with, yeah! it was a lightning from start to finish I think when I am through the 20-minute yoga, to the 4 body massage and the oil scalp treatment it provided things I didn't think I was gonna find So it is definitely recommended I think like anybody looking for physical, emotional or mental health benefits good find something for themselves here".
Alec Vowels
Los Angeles, USA
"Hello Everyone, I'm Peter from UK, native of Coimbatore, arrived from UK settled at UK when I'm here at India I had severe back pain in spine for a long time can't bend over and struggled lot I can't bend over or stretch and do my daily routine works struggled lot after reaching UK. My sleep was absolute nightmare. To get up or turn over in bed. I can't able to sleep properly or turn over too, can't sleep properly have to use my arms to wake up. Much leg pain too. Because of acidity issues, have to take tablets daily, also suffering from chest burn. So I decided to take treatment. My brother took ayurveda treatment at Ishani Ayurveda. He said I'll get cured 100%, So I came here. My niece took treatment here and it was cured. After I arrived here I felt it was my home. I liked it very much. They treated me so well, they didn't seen me as a patient, they seen me as their family member and got treated so well. I'm so satisfied and honoured for their hospitality much happy."
Stevenage, UK
"Hi, I am Sathya, originally from Mumbai, currently living in San Francisco, at Ishani Ayurveda I feel very relaxed and the staff and the doctors were very very helpful they helped us in identifying what exactly do we need and I highly recommend everybody else as well".
Mr. Sathya Ramnath
San Francisco, USA
"Coming here to Ishani Ayurvedic center it was really great, I took a body massage like really the perfect amount of you know very gentle, and it was very refreshing experience, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel relaxed and rejuvenated".
Mr. Sahil
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