Relieve Your body from the state of paralysis with Ayurveda

Paralysis in the body can generally result due to damage to the brain and the spinal cord that can occur due to trauma, nerve diseases, blood clots and autoimmune diseases. Paralysis can render a loss of control over muscular functions, either partially or totally. Based on the region where muscle movement is affected, Paralysis can be characterized into several variants. Ayurveda treatment for stroke or paralysis mainly involves helping the affected person become as independent as possible. In Ayurvedic terms, Paralysis is called Pakshaghata, which is a disease that can result due to vitiation of Vata. If the disease affects only one limb, then it is known as Ekanga Vata but when it affects all four limbs, then it is known as Sarvanga Vata. Ayurveda also believes that difficulty in speech and facial palsy may also result due to Paralysis. A paralytic attack can result due to a stroke or damage to the nervous system. How soon a patient can recover from a paralytic attack depends on the causes of the attack and the injury that triggers the attack.

Treatment of Paralysis With Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is an alternate system of medicine and it may prove to be very effective as a source of treatment. It carries negligible side effects and can be an effective form of treatment for a wide array of patients. The Ayurveda system of medicines for Paralysis does not only seek to resolve the symptoms associated with the disease. It is a holistic approach to proper well-being that targets the mental as well as spiritual well-being of the patient.

The following may have a role to play in the treatment of paralysis:

A Proper Diet Plan

According to Ayurveda, for the correct treatment of Paralysis, a proper diet plan must be followed. Such a plan must include meals that are easy to digest and are composed of lighter nutrients. Ayurveda experts also advise against choosing colder foods over warmer foods. One must aim to include a variety of vegetables in their meals such as carrots, okra and beets in their diet but must avoid foods like barley, rye and millet. Flavours in food such as bitter and pungent should also be avoided. Foods that are sour, sweet and salty can help to balance the Vata in the body and may help in improving the body’s condition.

Ayurvedic Massage

The use of warm herbal oils for massage is highly propagated in Ayurveda. The individual composition of each oil and the act of massaging them on the body is believed to have several health benefits. Ayurveda experts believe that massages with specific herbal oils can benefit one with Paralysis as well. A few of the most common Ayurvedic massages for this purpose that can be very useful are Abhyanga, Padabhyanga and Pizhichil.

One such Ayurvedic treatment is Snehana. In this therapy, several medicated oils that are thick and heavy, are applied to the body for several days. For long-term management of Paralysis, Snehana is recommended as a general line of treatment.

Ayurvedic Medicines

One may have to include several lifestyle changes to rid themselves of the ill effects of a disease. When it comes to Paralysis, several medicines in Ayurveda can play a key role in the effective treatment of the condition. These include Rasnadi quath, Pippali mula, Vatavidhwamsana rasa, Chopcheeni churna, Brihat Vata Chintamani rasa, Ashwagandha churna and Rasaraja, among other medicines. A common treatment for diseases resulting due to an imbalance in the Vatta dosha is Basti. It helps to cleanse out the entire length of the colon, drawing out any toxins from the body.

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Treatment of Paralysis

There are several herbs which can be used for the treatment of paralysis, including the following:

Ashwagandha: It is a vital herb that helps to boost immunity in the body. It promotes the healing of body tissues and restores loss of muscle strength, energy and conditions like fatigue and swelling in the body.

Bala: Bala is used to providing strength to the heart and the body. It helps to improve the strength of the muscles and tissues. It can help tackle weakness in the body, nerve pain, diseases of the joints, muscle cramps and ulcers.

Nirgundi: Nirgundi helps remove swelling and inflammation in the muscles and joints. It can also help provide relief from discomfort from ulcers, headaches and sprained limbs. External application of Nirgundi oil may be very helpful for people with Paralysis.

Rasna: Rich in phytoconstituents such as flavonoids, lactones, and sterols, Rasna displays anti-inflammatory actions with rejuvenating properties. It can be very useful in treating diseases like Paralysis.

Rasonam: It is a detoxifying herb which can provide relief from conditions like asthma, skin diseases, cholesterol and more. It also contains several bioactive ingredients which can help with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart conditions and paralysis.

One must make certain changes in dietary habits to overcome the effects of Paralysis. It is best not to consume salty and pungent food. Items like paneer, cheese, and other milk products can also be avoided. It is best not to starve the body or exercise too vigorously. One must quit smoking and drinking alcohol which also avoids exposure to environments that are too hot or cold in quick succession. Ayurveda also recommends avoiding any form of stress, worry, fear and aggression to keep the symptoms of the disease at bay.


With the right Ayurveda treatment in Kerala, you are bound to get relief from the symptoms associated with Paralysis. Ayurveda is a very comprehensive approach to dealing with long-term health conditions such as Paralysis. It is best to consult an experienced healthcare expert in Ayurveda to get relief from the condition. At Ishani Ayurveda, you can approach the best experts in the field of Ayurveda, who can help you combat the ill effects of the disease and overcome them with a holistic approach that involves Ayurveda medicines and way of life.

Dr. Sinu K John

Dr. Sinu K John graduated Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She holds a Master’s degree in Ayurveda Panchakarma. She is a qualified Yoga Instructor and has been teaching Ayurveda and Yoga for more than 10 years. She is specialized in women and infant health, infertility, skin care and natural beauty treatments. She is a Health Educator, passionate about health and fitness. Vast experience in handling clients of all age groups both national and international. She is specialized in Lifestyle Medicine, providing a holistic approach to medicine. Her philosophy of healing revolves around Diet, Yoga, Meditation, Detoxification, Nutrition & Effective Stress Management & Obesity.

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